There are some for whom

La Bamba

is the Los Lobos hit and others who remember it as the

Star Academy 3



But will we soon see the birth of a new generation, the one who immediately thinks of Patrick Sébastien's last title when she hears the first notes of the song?

This is perhaps what the TV host hopes for with

Bamba Bamboche

, whose clip has just been unveiled on his YouTube channel.

"The prefect said 'la bamboche, it's over", announces Patrick Sébastien at the beginning of the video with a serious air.

If ever you did not have Internet for the past ten months, it obviously refers to the words of Pierre Pouëssel, prefect of the Center-Val-de-Loire region, during an interview on the France 3 set.

When "por ti seré" becomes "to tighten"

But you know it, if there is one thing that Patrick Sébastien likes, it is party favors, pointy hats and strobes.

The bamboche, what!

“It was time to go party.

Let's go party, bring cans, we're coming, we're coming.

We arrive, we arrive to squeeze, to squeeze, to squeeze, ”he sings to the tune of

La Bamba


This festive hymn, which brings together all the ingredients for a hit this summer, signals the musical return of Patrick Sébastien.

His previous title,

That will last

, unveiled last December, had exceeded one million views on YouTube.

In addition to this singing and dancing news, the former public service host has just released "Jeux vous aime", a crossword magazine.


With Patrick Sébastien, we talked about crosswords, "Sardines" and even about his death.


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