Merchants create selling points to induce students to "violate regulations"

Are you selling a vacuum flask or a hidden mobile phone artifact?

  Intern reporter Lu Yang, intern Zhan Wenjia

  This year, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Mobile Phones for Primary and Secondary School Students", which clearly requires primary and secondary school students to not bring personal mobile phones into campus in principle.

However, there are policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom.

Reporters recently discovered on Taobao,, Pinduoduo, Douyin and other platforms that a variety of thermos cups and simulation books called "Students Hidden Mobile Phone Artifact" are selling hot, and businesses even "anti-check", "anti-detect", and "play with mobile phones in class". Wait as a selling point to sell to students.

In this regard, parents suggested that e-commerce platforms should strictly control unscrupulous merchants peddling such products.

  With a pure black body and a frosted touch, the seemingly ordinary thermos cup in front of the reporter hides mystery.

This "hidden mobile phone artifact" is 28 cm long and 8 cm wide, and can hold 500 ml of water and a mobile phone within seven inches.

The low-key shape of the water cup is hard to imagine that it can fit a smart phone.

  How did the mobile phone fit in?

The reporter found that there is a detachable bottom cover at the bottom of this thermos mug. When the bottom cover is opened, there is a hidden compartment in the middle of the mug, and the space is just enough to accommodate a mobile phone.

In addition, there is a leak-proof drain at the bottom. According to the merchant's description, this small hole can also be used to connect headphones.

  "The biggest selling point of this cup is that it can evade metal detectors. Even if you open the lid, you can only see the metal tea drain, but not the phone. Just in case, we also designed a metal buckle on the handle of the cup. , It can be well concealed when there is a metal detector for inspection." The merchant's customer service staff introduced.

In order to help the buyer make the decision to purchase, the customer service further stated: “Most of the testing equipment can be prevented. Many students are using it. If you find a machine that can be checked, you can return it directly.”

  When you open the evaluation page of the product, you can see that buyers have expressed that "the cup is very good, the phone is hidden very concealed", "it is easy to use, it has never been found out", "really can't see it at all, it's invincible".

Some buyers even asked: "Can I bring in for the college entrance examination?" A buyer who said "Bought" beside the account name replied: "Yes."

  The reporter contacted a manufacturer that produces Tibetan mobile phone water cups, and did not see the relevant functions of "students hiding mobile phones, anti-detection" on its product introduction webpage. The manufacturer described its function as "It can be used by athletes when running or swimming. Carry your mobile phone, or store medicines, and carry two kinds of drinks at the same time."

  The company’s staff told reporters: “This cup has been on the market for 5 years, and the sales have not been good. I don’t know what happened last month. The sales volume suddenly went up.” The staff also said that the original intention of this cup was not to "hide "The mobile phone is a fitness water cup, which is convenient for sportsmen to carry their mobile phones.

However, many merchants deliberately emphasized in the product homepage and title that this is an "artifact to save students' mobile phones" and induce students to consume.

  Another type of hidden mobile phone artifact on the e-commerce platform is the simulation book.

From the cover, it looks like "The Little Prince", "The Kite Chaser", "The Ferryman" and other popular books and even English dictionaries, but when opened, there is a small grid hidden in the page that can fit a mobile phone.

The most ironic thing is that the merchandise introduction of a mobile phone disguise book has a striking note: "Prevent mobile phone addiction and develop a good habit."

  Citizen Mr. Huang’s child is in the sixth grade of elementary school, and he is worried about it: “These sandwich cups and simulation books are difficult to find during school inspections. There is no bottom line for businesses to make children’s money, and the platform should be cleaned up as soon as possible.”

  The reporter also interviewed a high school teacher, Ms. Hou. She said that her school would also check students' mobile phones, and she really wanted to beware of a small number of students’ online shopping such as “artifacts”.

She said that the Ministry of Education previously issued a notice requiring students not to bring mobile phones into campus because they were afraid that children would be addicted to mobile games and videos.

If students really need to bring a mobile phone, they must obtain the consent of their parents and submit a written application.

After entering the school, the mobile phone must also be kept by the school and it is forbidden to bring it into the classroom.

She suggested that parents should cooperate with the school to strictly supervise and manage the use of mobile phones by their children, and pay attention to whether there are suspicious water glasses or simulation books in their schoolbags.

  Attorneys from the Beijing Public Legal Aid Center told reporters that the production of the above-mentioned products is legal if they comply with the relevant procedures, but it is unethical to market with the selling points of hidden mobile phones.

Buyers should pay special attention to the places where such water cups and simulation books are used. If the mobile phone is hidden inside and brought into the examination room, the consequences will be very serious.