Investigators have unearthed a child pornography chat also operated from Germany.

Three suspected administrators of the darknet site "TweenFanIsland" were arrested in Germany a year ago, and charges have now been brought against the men at the Regional Court of Regensburg, as confirmed by the court and the Bamberg Public Prosecutor's Office involved in the investigation on Thursday.

The "Spiegel" had previously reported on it.

The regional court of Regensburg said that the opening of proceedings is currently being examined.

According to the report, the suspects arrested in July 2020 are three men aged 29, 54 and 57 from Rhineland-Palatinate, Berlin and Bavaria.

The public prosecutor's office accuses them of gang-like distribution and possession of child pornography.

According to the court, two of them are currently in custody.

The site itself is said to have been operated from the USA.

The men in Germany would have guaranteed and supported the operation as administrators.

Several terabytes of illegal recordings are said to have been confiscated from each of them alone.

On the site, pedo criminals from all over the world are said to have exchanged images of sexual violence against children, especially underage girls.

The US security agency FBI initiated the investigation in Germany. She is also said to have arrested the alleged main operator in the US and shut down the platform.