This is the big day !

For this first edition of the “bac Blanquer” upset by the Covid-19 crisis, some 715,000 candidates will find out this Tuesday if they have obtained the precious diploma.

More than half (53.7%) have the general bac - which now consists of a common core supplemented by two courses of specialties chosen à la carte by the students -, 26.5% the vocational bac and 19.8 % the technological baccalaureate.


To reduce the pressure, the ministry has planned a series of adjustments due to the health crisis.

The continuous assessment represents at least 82% of the final mark of candidates for the general and technological baccalaureate, the written philosophy test and that of the grand oral corresponding to the remaining 18%.

The specialty tests, which were to be held for the first time in March, have for their part been canceled, in favor of continuous assessment.

The philosophy test consisted of four subjects to choose from instead of three.

And its stake was reduced: it is the best mark which will be retained, between that obtained in the test and that of the continuous control, on condition of having returned its copy.

Catch-up events kick off Wednesday

For those who missed out, the remedial tests will start on Wednesday and will be held until July 9.

Since 2012, the success rate for the baccalaureate has exceeded 80%.

Last year, 95% of candidates for the bac were successful, a record level.

The number of admissions should be particularly high this year again.

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