Since August, electric bicycles will be punished for parking and charging in this way. Fire professionals interpret the new regulations

  On June 25, the Ministry of Emergency Management announced the "Regulations on the Fire Safety Management of High-Rise Civil Buildings" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"). The "Regulations" will be officially implemented on August 1 this year.

Article 47 of the "Regulations" stipulates that parking or recharging electric bicycles in public halls, evacuation walkways, stairwells, and safety exits of high-rise civil buildings and refusing to make corrections shall be fined up to 10,000 yuan.

A few days ago, the reporter interviewed fire professionals to explain the new regulations.

  First of all, what is a "high-rise civil building"?

  According to the "Regulations", high-rise civil buildings include high-rise residential buildings and high-rise public buildings. The former refers to residential buildings with a building height greater than 27 meters, and the latter refers to non-single-story public buildings with a building height greater than 24 meters, including dormitories and apartments. , Office, commercial, sports, medical buildings, etc.

  "Buildings below these two heights should not be called high-rise civil buildings, and they are not within the scope of this "Regulations"." said Liu Bingtao, head of the News and Publicity Section of the Fire Rescue Detachment of Daxing District, Beijing.

 Second, under what circumstances should be punished?

  Liu Bingtao said that the "Regulations" clearly stipulate where parking and charging of electric bicycles will be punished. What needs to be paid attention to is the four words "refusal to correct".

"Under normal circumstances, when law enforcement officials discover violations of parking and charging during the first inspection, they will require units and individuals to make corrections immediately and sign the "Notice of Ordering Immediate Corrections." If the relevant units and individuals did not make corrections during the review, then It will trigger the penalty mechanism."

  Liu Bingtao said that Article 78 of the "Beijing Municipal Property Management Regulations" has similar provisions, for illegally pulling wires and cables to charge electric bicycles, and refusing to make corrections will be fined.

 Third, who will punish and how much?

  The "Regulations" clarify that the fire rescue agencies shall order corrections and impose penalties on illegal acts: business units and individuals will be fined 2,000 yuan up to 10,000 yuan, and non-business units and individuals will be fined 500 yuan up to 1,000 yuan.

  Liu Bingtao said, “In other words, violations of Article 47 of the Regulations can be fined up to 10,000 yuan.”

 Fourth, what responsibilities should the property unit assume?

  Article 10 of the “Regulations” mentions that property service companies of high-rise residential buildings shall perform their fire safety responsibilities in accordance with the law, ensure that evacuation passages, safety exits, and fire truck passages are unblocked, and prevent occupation, blockage, and closure of evacuation passages, safety exits, and fire truck passages. Such violations shall be stopped; if the stop is invalid, timely report to the fire rescue agency and other relevant administrative departments for handling in accordance with the law.

  Fifth, can the "Regulations" completely plug the loopholes of electric vehicles entering buildings and households?

  Liu Bingtao said that with regard to parking and charging in public halls, evacuation walkways, stairwells, and safety exits, the Ministry of Public Security previously issued the "Notice on Regulating the Parking and Charging of Electric Vehicles to Strengthen Fire Prevention" in 2017, stipulating that it is strictly forbidden to park and charge in buildings. Park or charge electric vehicles in public areas such as shared walkways, stairwells, and safety exits.

"However, this notice does not clearly explain how to punish."

  Data show that 90% of the casualties caused by electric bicycle fires are because of placing them in the hall, aisle or stairwell.

"The "Regulations" clarify the issue of how to punish, will provide law enforcement personnel with a legal basis and deterrent, will reduce the occurrence of illegal parking and charging behavior to a certain extent." Liu Bingtao said.

  "It is worth mentioning that the "Regulations" do not stipulate that electric bicycles cannot be parked or charged in the rooms (indoors) of high-rise civil buildings. There are also no regulations on the behavior of electric bicycles entering elevators and buildings." Liu Bingtao said, " Both units and individuals must be aware that as long as the electric bicycle is pushed back indoors, there is a risk of fire, especially inferior, modified batteries, which is an'untime bomb'!"

 Sixth, how to build a centralized storage charging place for electric bicycles?

  Article 37 of the "Regulations" mentions that it is encouraged to set up places for centralized storage and charging of electric bicycles in high-rise residential communities.

The storage and charging places for electric bicycles should be set up independently and kept a safe distance from high-rise civil buildings; if it is really necessary to install them in high-rise civil buildings, they should be separated from other parts of the building by fire protection.

  The storage and charging places for electric bicycles shall be equipped with necessary fire-fighting equipment, and the charging facilities shall have full automatic power-off function.

  "The management of electric bicycle fire hazards is not a day's work, nor is it the responsibility of a single department. It requires all parties to work together to remove the blockage and solve the symptoms and root causes." Liu Bingtao said.

  Reporter Zhang Yu