On-site visit to the filming location of "Luo Shen Water Fu" in Shanghai

  Author: our reporter Yan Weiqi, "Guangming Daily" (version 09, July 05, 2021)

  Not long ago, the innovative interpretation of traditional culture and film and television technology in the underwater dance "Luo Shen Water Fu" surprised the entire network.

How did "Underwater Luoshen" come out?

Recently, the reporter came to the graphic arts underwater film and television shooting base in Songjiang, Shanghai, to visit the shooting location of "Underwater Luoshen" on the spot.

  The success of "Luo Shen Shui Fu" comes from first-class creativity and first-class expression.

The transition from creativity to reality is inseparable from the vigorous scientific and technological innovation of my country's film and television industry. It also shows Shanghai, which is becoming a global film and television creation center, and its continuous efforts in extending the industrial chain and optimizing the industrial ecology.

"Fu of Luoshen Water" with softness in "Steel"

  The Tugong underwater film and television shooting base in Songjiang, Shanghai, was converted from an old factory building and was officially put into use in 2016.

This is the country's first all-steel underwater filming studio, and it is currently the largest underwater filming base in Shanghai.

The underwater dance "Fu of Luo Shen Water", which took less than 2 minutes, was filmed here in 3 days.

  Liang Shuai, the business director of Shanghai Tugong Culture Media Co., Ltd., told reporters that this underwater shooting studio has an all-steel-structured pool with a depth of 5 meters and a water capacity of 486 tons. It uses a water circulation system to purify the water quality, which can be adjusted according to the needs of the crew. Water temperature.

The water temperature is generally controlled at about 28 degrees Celsius, which can avoid excessive physical exertion of the actors due to the low water temperature, and can also prevent overheating from affecting the performance of the actors.

  The underwater shooting studio is equipped with 2 main shooting windows and 3 auxiliary shooting windows. The photographer can view from the transparent shooting windows on all sides, and adjust the shooting height and angle through the lifting platform.

There is also a cantilever crane with a capacity of 3,000 kilograms beside the pool. It is a large-scale prop used to meet the filming needs of the crew. It can create a variety of screen effects, such as flying to the sea and the sea.

  The lighting of the underwater shooting is also quite painstaking.

Liu Chao, the lighting director of "Luo Shen Water Fu", for example, in the work, in order to show the effect of the rising sky, the staff first covered the pool with black cloth, and after the environment was dark, the single light source was used as close as possible to the pool. , Thus forming the effect of bright spots.

  Liang Shuai told reporters that it is not the first time that the work of the underwater film and television shooting base of Graphic Engineering has appeared on the screen. Many movies and TV dramas such as "The Starry Sky and the Sea", "The Old Boy", and "The Amazing Case of Di Renjie" have all appeared on the screen. This shot.

  Underwater shooting is just one corner of the "hard power" of Shanghai's film and television industry.

Shanghai, which is accelerating its move to the global film and television creation center, is gathering industrial energy.

The reporter learned that since the start of construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Film Capital in Songjiang District in 2018, it has gathered nearly 7,000 film and television companies and studios, covering all aspects of film and television creation, shooting, and training, and basically realized the development of the entire film and television industry chain.

Strengthen "hard technology" and let more good ideas land

  Technological innovation has brought about the upgrading of film and television content, and has also given more possibilities for industry development.

At the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival this year, Shanghai Science and Technology Cinema released major achievements in the development of the film and television industry and launched a number of key projects.

Among the newly settled and released projects with a total value of 20 billion yuan, the Haopu Film and Television Base, including 4 high-tech studios and 1 underwater digital studio, was inaugurated and opened, and a number of benchmark projects with major industry influence and technological forward-looking Choose to take root in Shanghai's science and technology film capital, such as the Huace copyright trading platform, the National Research Think Tank Innovation Science Park Dingjunshan Film and Television Digital Science and Technology Innovation Base Project, etc.

At the same time, the construction of the Yangtze River Delta International Film and Television Center with a total investment of nearly 10 billion is advancing rapidly, and the first phase of the studio area is expected to be completed and put into use within this year.

  On June 13, the Shanghai Science Fiction Film and Television Industry Base announced its establishment in the shared space of Pudong International Film and Television Industrial Park.

Jin Mei, member of the Standing Committee of the Pudong District Party Committee, Secretary of the Shanghai International Tourism Resort Management Committee, and Executive Deputy Director, revealed that Pudong New Area has decided to use the Shanghai International Tourism Resort as its core carrier, focusing on the film and television industry, and creating a "high-tech film and television production, The Pudong International Film and Television Industrial Park is the main feature of film and television skill-based talent education and training, film and television exchange, publicity and distribution.

  "The most important thing is the production of high-tech film and television, which is a pain point that the rapidly developing film and television industry needs to solve urgently." Jinmei said, "The establishment of the Shanghai Science Fiction Film and Television Industry Base is to consider that science fiction films are not only attractive to young people. It will also bring a huge boost to the development of the entire film industry."

  Shanghai International Tourism Resort also dynamically adjusted the special funding policy for the film and television industry, and recently released the results of the 5G digital film and television creation cloud platform.

In the second half of this year, post-production head enterprise projects will be organized for cloud production testing. At the beginning of next year, the 5G digital film and television creation cloud platform will be opened to the domestic film and television market.

  "Film high-tech is booming, especially the role of special effects in the later stage of the film is increasing. However, high-tech requires expensive equipment and high-level operating personnel. Only when large-scale, a single film and television company can reduce costs, and more To realize one's own creativity and increase the kinetic energy of the output of works." said Jiang Haiyang, counselor of the Shanghai Municipal Government and national first-level director.

Consolidate "soft power" and make film and television creation centers more attractive

  The reporter noticed in the interview that in recent years, the development of Shanghai's film and television industry not only has strong technological momentum, but also continues to expand the industrial service chain.

All over the country, large and small crews, whether they are "passing by" Shanghai or major projects "produced in Shanghai", can get professional and convenient services.

  In December 2019, the Shanghai Film and Television Copyright Service Center was established, facing the Yangtze River Delta region, providing accurate and professional services for film and television companies in copyright development and copyright protection for free.

The center first launched four major projects with a total of 20 services, covering a complete industrial chain of film and television copyrights, and further improving the protection of intellectual property rights for the construction of a global film and television creation center in Shanghai.

  Shanghai Science and Technology Film Metropolis explores modes such as "Finish Film Guarantee" to provide financial service guarantees for investors and filmmakers; Shanghai University Vancouver Film School uses big data and other means to establish a film and television industry competitiveness index release system to enhance the scientific quantification of film and television companies Decision-making level: Shanghai has also taken the lead in establishing a special film and television production service agency in the country. After 7 years of exploration and practice, it has built a set of standardized, standardized and internationalized mechanisms, and has established the "Shanghai Service" brand.

  An industry insider told reporters that when coordinating the location in Shanghai, just log in to the data platform and you can browse the location in Shanghai divided by district. Not only are there locations and contacts, you can also see the pictures and videos of the location. Introduction: If you want to coordinate some difficult framing locations, you can apply online to the Shanghai film and television production service agency through the data platform, and you will receive a reply soon.

  "Film and television production services have increasingly become an important supporting link in the production process of film and television production." Yu Zhiqing, head of Shanghai film and television production service agencies, introduced that Shanghai film and television production service agencies have set up workstations in 16 districts. And form a set of work processes and methods.

  Facing the goal of building a cultural power in 2035, the film and television industry will usher in another important golden development period. With technology catalyzed and mechanism escort, more good ideas, good stories, and good works will be born in Shanghai.

  (Our reporter Yan Weiqi)