Princess Diana statue: who are the children around her?

The statue of the late British Princess Diana was unveiled yesterday after years of work on it.

The idea for this statue belongs to Diana's two sons, Princes William and Harry, who made the decision to make it in 2017.

To honor the twentieth anniversary of their mother's death.

And the bronze statue of Diana does not stand alone.

She is surrounded by three children.

According to Kensington Palace, the children together represent the world and the impact of Princess Diana's work across generations.

Known for her philanthropy, Diana was a patron of more than 100 charities during her lifetime.

The princess became known as the "Queen of Hearts" thanks to her dedication to charitable causes, which ranged from the AIDS crisis to campaigns against landmines.

Sculptor Ian Rank Broadley said, “Diana, Princess of Wales was an icon who influenced the lives of people all over the world;

So it was a pleasure to work alongside William and Harry on this memorial statue.”

“We wanted to capture her warmth and humanity while highlighting the impact she has made across generations.

I hope people will enjoy visiting the statue and the garden, and take some time to remember the princess.”

In addition, Princes William and Harry said in a joint statement, "Today, on our mother's 60th birthday, we remember her love, strength and character - qualities that made her a force for good around the world, transforming the lives of so many for the better."

"Every day, we wish she was still with us, and we hope that this statue will forever be seen as a symbol of her life and legacy," the two princes added.