China News Service, Beijing, July 2 (Reporter Wang Zumin) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China on July 2 that the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau recently banned six illegal social organizations including the "Beijing Yijing College".

  According to news from the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, in order to increase the click rate and page views of the website, Liu Mou, the initiator of the "Beijing Book of Changes", used "promoting the culture of the Book of Changes" as a gimmick and titled "China". "Beijing", "College", "Learning" and other words, using the names of multiple academic institutions related to "Book of Changes" and "Zhouyi" as keywords in the search engine, and detailed introduction of the purpose, function and business of these institutions on the website , Courses, etc.

The names of these institutions are similar to the names of legal social organizations, and some are even different from the names of legally registered social organizations only in terms of geographical scope. It is easy to confuse people and make it difficult to distinguish between true and false.

  According to reports, during the investigation of relevant cases, law enforcement officers followed the vines, comprehensively investigated and sorted out relevant clues, inquired through multiple platforms and after questioning the initiator, they found out the "Beijing Yijing Academy" (also known as "China Yijing Academy". And its subordinates "Beijing Fengshui Academy", "Beijing Qimen Dunjia High-end Yi Society"), and "I Ching Feng Shui Society", "China I Ching Feng Shui Society", "Beijing Yi Jing Society", "Beijing Zhouyi Society", "Beijing Zhouyi of China" It is an illegal fact that the “Association” conducts activities in the name of a social organization without registration.

Based on this, the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau banned these six illegal social organizations and eliminated them all.

  Since the beginning of this year, China has further launched a special campaign to crack down on illegal social organizations.

As of the end of June, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has announced 5 batches of 374 illegal social organizations that have been banned by local civil affairs departments in accordance with the law.

  The Ministry of Civil Affairs of China stated that it will continue to maintain a high-pressure attack on illegal social organizations, strengthen network monitoring and investigation, and simultaneously investigate and deal with them offline and online, and resolutely eradicate their breeding grounds.

At the same time, we call on the public to be vigilant when participating in related activities to avoid being deceived.

All sectors of the society are also welcome to provide clues to the activities of suspected illegal social organizations through the "Chinese Social Organization Government Service Platform".