In Yachimata City, Chiba Prefecture, a truck crashed into a line of elementary school students and five children were killed or injured. The we.

Urgent watching activities were carried out in and around the school road of Nishiarai 2nd Elementary School in Adachi Ward.

On the 2nd, after 7 am, about 10 people, including police officers and faculty members, gathered at a busy intersection to watch over the children going to school.

The road from this intersection to the elementary school is restricted during weekday school hours, but because there are no end to cars passing without knowing it, the police officers and faculty members who participated told the children to walk on the sidewalk. I encouraged them to walk in a row and instructed the driver to take another path.

Following the accident in which five children were killed or injured in Yachimata City, Chiba Prefecture, the Metropolitan Police Department will work with local governments to strengthen regulations on school road safety inspections and drunk driving.

Ryoji Tanaka, chief of the traffic section of the Nishiarai police station, said, "This time, we urgently watched over and gave guidance, but there were more drivers than expected who did not understand the traffic regulations. I want to prevent serious accidents. "