On July 1, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the 24th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong, the "Light and Shadow 3D Yaowei Harbor" event was held in Tamar Park, Hong Kong.

According to reports, the large-scale cultural and technological light and shadow show will be divided into three exhibition areas.

In the naked-eye 3D visual feast area, the audience can use the immersive naked-eye 3D visual effects and follow the theme of "South Lake Red Boat-Founding Ceremony-Hong Kong Return-Entering the New Era" to relive the important historical moments in the centuries of the Communist Party of China , To feel the blood connection between Hong Kong and the motherland.

In the leisure and entertainment area of ​​"Starlight Victoria Harbour", the red star element is used with the illusion streamer effect. The red star sea lights up Tamar Park, implying that Hong Kong is becoming more prosperous and refreshing.

In the atmosphere display area, projector lamps are used to create an immersive situational atmosphere, allowing visitors to wander in the sea of ​​bauhinia. The combination of light and shadow technology and real scenes brings visitors into a dreamy world of light and shadow.

It is reported that the event will be held in Tamar Park, Hong Kong from July 1 to 4.

  (Reporter Fan Siyi produced Guo Shihao)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】