With 23 votes in favor, 14 against and two abstentions, the National Assembly adopted for the second time on Thursday the bill aimed at combating separatism.

This text, called "respect for the principles of the Republic" will be on the Senate menu again on July 21, before its final adoption by Parliament the next day, via a vote of the deputies who have the last word.

Presented as the remedy against the "Islamist takeover bid", the bill contains a battery of measures on the neutrality of the public service, the fight against online hatred, the protection of civil servants and teachers, the supervision of family education, strengthened control of associations, better transparency of worship services and their funding, and even the fight against virginity certificates, polygamy or forced marriages.

The series of anti-haze provisions erased by the Assembly

Widely adopted at first reading in February at the Palais Bourbon in a solemn vote (347 votes in favor, 151 votes against and 65 abstentions), the text had been strongly revised during its passage in April at the Luxembourg Palace with a right-wing majority. The bar to the right of the senators, with a series of anti-veil provisions and a relaxation of the supervision of family instruction (IEF), had been erased in a special committee to the National Assembly before the session.

The majority retreated "on extremely powerful symbols of political Islam in France", criticized LR Julien Ravier.

"The account is not there," regretted his colleague Eric Diard.

“This is a major text (…) The measures are effective and concrete.

They will have to be applied as quickly as possible in our territories, ”commented Christophe Castaner, the boss of LREM deputies.

A "catch-all text, which stigmatized"

The socialist Lamia El Aaraje on the other hand criticized a “catch-all text, which stigmatized”.

The PS deputies would have liked "more resources for public services, for people, for associations, sports clubs", etc.

Alexis Corbière made the indictment of a text which, in the eyes of LFI, is only “annoyances” and “suspicions”, and is useless to fight against terrorism, against the “archipelago” of the Nation, the non -school mix.

For the MoDem group, Isabelle Florennes welcomed a text "of balance" but "which will not solve everything".


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