[Explanation] Recently, in the sports treatment room of the Jilin Province Disabled Rehabilitation Center, Zhang Yu, a rehabilitation specialist for special children, was busy helping a child with hemiplegia on the left side of the body with rehabilitation training.

She prepared multiple rehabilitation sessions for the children, including building block games to exercise left-hand coordination and sandbag games to exercise lower limb stability.

  In the Jilin Provincial Disabled Rehabilitation Center, there is a group of "post-95" special children rehabilitation teachers who provide rehabilitation training for children suffering from cerebral palsy, autism and other diseases. Zhang Yu is one of them.

  Zhang Yu introduced that helping these children with posture control, hand function training and cognitive training is the focus of his work.

She has to take 10 consecutive classes every day, and she often misses a sip of water.

  A simple training, Zhang Yu often has to teach dozens of times before children can understand and complete this action.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Yu, rehabilitation teacher for special children

  In the training process, many children are uncooperative, and their emotions are not particularly stable. They need more care and patience to guide them, as well as parents to participate in (promote) communication between parents and teachers.

  [Explanation] Chen Yang, also a "post-95", is also doing an internship here.

Chen Yang introduced that before graduation, she had an internship in a children's hospital, during which she witnessed many disabled children in need of help. After graduation, she hopes to work in a rehabilitation center to provide scientific training for the children.

  Every day, Chen Yang’s job is to help children with speech impairments in rehabilitation training.

  [Concurrent] Chen Yang, rehabilitation teacher for special children

  Seeing that these children make different progress every day, I feel very happy to be able to witness every moment of their growth. Whenever a child makes a little progress, when they smile at me, I see their smiling faces and That kind of innocent eyes, that kind of innocent smiling face, made me feel happy from the heart. I think this profession brings me a lot of happiness.

  [Explanation] At present, there are about 130 children receiving rehabilitation treatment in the Cerebral Palsy Department of Jilin Province Disabled Rehabilitation Center.

"Post-95" rehabilitation teachers like Zhang Yu and Chen Yang are one of the important forces helping children recover. They take care of every child with their love, patience and tolerance.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Yu, rehabilitation teacher for special children

  Because I am engaged in rehabilitation (work), I want to help these children return to their families and society better through my own abilities and professional skills.

  Reporter Sun Boyan reports from Changchun

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]