While the milestone of three billion injections of vaccines against the coronavirus has just been exceeded, the situation remains highly unequal depending on the country.

In Africa, for example, the global average for injections is 11 times lower than the global average.

The planet reached three billion injections on Tuesday, but anti-Covid vaccination campaigns remain extremely unequal, with poor countries having the greatest difficulties in obtaining the precious doses.

At least 3,009,773,775 doses have been injected around the world, according to an AFP report made from official sources, arrested Tuesday morning.

Reported to the population, 39 doses (first or second) were administered per 100 inhabitants.

While the first billion had been reached 20 weeks after the start of the first mass campaigns in December and the second billion in 6 weeks, it took less than 4 weeks to reach this third billion.

357 million doses in the EU

Four out of ten doses administered worldwide were in China (1.2 billion).

India (329 million) and the United States (324 million) complete the podium.

But compared to the population, among countries with more than one million inhabitants, it is in the Middle East that the champions of vaccination are to be found: the United Arab Emirates (153 doses per 100 inhabitants), Bahrain ( 124) and Israel (124).

These countries are approaching or exceeding 60% of the population fully immunized.


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Chile (118 doses per 100 inhabitants), the United Kingdom (113), Mongolia (111), Uruguay (110), Hungary (107), Qatar (107) follow in the leading pack. and the United States (98).

These countries have fully immunized about half of their population (between 46% and 54%).

As for the European Union, it administered 357 million doses to 50% of its population.

Some 32% of people in the EU are fully vaccinated.

The most populous countries in the bloc - Germany, France, Italy, Spain - hover around the average, with around a third of their population fully vaccinated.

Five countries have not started their campaign

China, which had started its campaign at a moderate pace, is now the country that vaccinates the fastest: every day of the past week, it has injected doses to 1.6% of its population. Canada (1.4%) and Bahrain (1.3%) follow. If Europe does not place any country in this Top 3, the Old Continent is not left out, since it concentrates 13 of the 20 countries which vaccinate the fastest, in the first ranks of which the Netherlands (1.2% ), Belgium (1.1%), Denmark (1.1%) and Spain (1.1%).

While most poor countries have now started to vaccinate, mainly thanks to the Covax mechanism (WHO, Gavi alliance and Cepi coalition), anti-Covid vaccination remains very unequal: "high income" countries (in the sense of the World Bank ) administered an average of 79 doses per 100 population, compared to a single dose in "low-income" countries.

While many rich countries (United States, Canada, Israel, EU countries) already vaccinate adolescents, five countries have still not started their campaign: Tanzania, Burundi, Eritrea, Haiti and North Korea.

And among the poor countries that have started to vaccinate, some, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, stalled soon after the start, due to a lack of vaccines in sufficient quantity.

In Africa, 3.6 doses have been administered per 100 inhabitants, which is 11 times less than the global average (39).

AstraZeneca, the most used vaccine

Despite the controversies to which it has been the subject, the AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine is the most widely distributed in the world, administered in nearly 80% of the countries and territories which vaccinate (at least 171 out of 216).

The Swedish-British vaccine is administered both in rich countries - even if it is sometimes shunned by the population - and in poor countries, in particular thanks to Covax of which it is the main supplier.

It is ahead of its competitors Pfizer / BioNTech (at least 102 countries, 47%), Sinopharm and Moderna (at least 48, 22%), Sputnik V (at least 41, 19%), Johnson & Johnson (at least 31, 14 %) and Sinovac (at least 24, 11%).