The “swimsuit girl” in Egypt: They prevented me from swimming because I am veiled.. Hala Sarhan comments: She is joking!

The Egyptian girl, Dina Hisham, a victim of bullying for wearing a legitimate swimsuit in a swimming pool, said that she is a member of two clubs, and the two clubs do not allow veiled women to go to the swimming pool.

And she added, according to the Egyptian "Akher Second" website, that she is the daughter of Dr. Heba Kotb, a specialist in marital and family counseling, and a professor of forensic medicine at Cairo University, pointing out that the other swimming pool in which they were inviting veiled women to go down is for training and is always crowded with trainees.

And she continued, "I'm going with a solid heart and I put down the clothes in any place, and I say that the law supports me, but if there is a law from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the internal regulations of the clubs that prevent veiled women from entering, I will be very thankful, because most of the clubs are under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports."

Later, the media, Hala Sarhan, attacked Dina Hisham, who was known as the "swimsuit girl", against the background of the crisis preventing her from wearing the "burkini", through her official account on the micro-blogging site "Twitter".

And “Hala” said: “The story of the hysterical young woman who is crying and lamenting that she wants to live her life and they prevented her from the legal swimsuit. She has the right to wear what she wants, but it seems that she is playing a role against popular sympathy with the girl of the dress and announced that they, I do not know who they are? And she said, and we kept silent for you, OK, do you want to go to them?

Then Hala Sarhan followed her post with another, as she published a picture of the girl in the dress accompanied by one of the old photos of the Egyptian girl and commented on it: "The Egyptian identity before it was forged, and by the way, this is the origin of the Spanish tie. There are no scarves in Spain. This is an authentic Egyptian tie."

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