“Today, let's say, is the last hot day for Moscow.

In the west of the Moscow region, the temperature has already dropped, now the capital region after 15:00 will be in the zone of a rather active cold front, in which we expect thunderstorms, showers, hail is possible in places and wind gusts can reach 23 m / s.

That is, the weather can be dangerous, ”said the forecaster.

According to her, the influence of the front will persist in the coming night, and then the intensity of the rains will weaken, and the air temperature will decrease.

“The heat will subside here. In the next day, cloudy weather with clearings, intermittent rains awaits us. The air temperature at night is still quite high +18 ... + 20 ° С in Moscow, in the region +15 ... + 20 ° С. Daytime temperature tomorrow +23 ... + 25 ° С, in the area +20 ... + 25 ° С. During the day, gusty winds of up to 12-15 m / s persist in places. On Wednesday and Thursday also unstable weather with intermittent rains, thunderstorms are not excluded. The night temperature will already drop, in Moscow +15 ... + 17 ° С, in the region +12 ... + 17 ° С. Daytime temperature in the city is +22 ... + 24 ° С. Wind on Wednesday and Thursday north-west, quite dense, 5-10 m / s. Dry thunderstorms are still possible on Friday. On Saturday, no precipitation. The air temperature in Moscow is +12 ... + 17 ° С at night and +21 ... + 26 ° С - during the day, ”Pozdnyakova added.

She noted that the air temperature will gradually decrease and "will practically return to the climatic norm."

“This means that there will be no heat waves and no temperature records are expected in the next five days,” the forecaster concluded.

Earlier forecasters in Moscow predicted a "super shower", which will bring up to 70% of the monthly rainfall.