[Explanation] On June 27, at the Changchun Film Studio, nine "post-tenants" were practicing dubbing for the classic film "Paradise Cinema".

The expressions and movements that fit the film, the immature and clear voice, this is a daily lesson in the children's training camp of Changying Studio.

  Changying Translation Studio is China's earliest professional production base for translated films. So far, it has translated more than 2,600 films from more than 50 countries and trained a large number of well-known voice actors.

Now, these professional voice actors are trying their best to train "post 10" voice talents.

  The national first-level voice actor Wang Lijun is the "class teacher" of the training camp.

He told reporters that through training, these children may have the ability to serve as "fresh blood" to enrich the dubbing team of long movies and reserve more power for the Chinese film translation and dubbing business.

  [Concurrent] National first-class voice actor Wang Lijun

  To cultivate our own talents, one is to let the translation and production industry continue to pass on, so that our team will have fresh blood to enrich it.

  [Explanation] On the same day, the "Koren teacher" Mou Jialun of the training camp played famous scenes from classic films such as "Paradise Cinema" and "Ponyo on the Cliff", allowing the children to dub suitable characters.

  The reporter learned that there have been small voice actors who have actually participated in the translation of "Paradise Cinema".

According to Mou Jialun, through courses such as language foundation, poetry recitation, fables, and dubbing training, the children gradually learned about dubbing of translated films.

  [Concurrent] Long-length film dubbing actor Mou Jia

  At first, it was breath, tongue twister, articulation, standardization of words, and standardization of children’s language. From this, a little bit, then it was like poems, fables, and (video) fragments. Now we have gone from that process to the fragmentation process. , Gradually strengthening.

  [Explanation] Wang Peng, the parent of the little voice actor, is very happy to see the growth and changes of his child.

Wang Peng grew up almost watching the translated film of Changying.

He bluntly said that translated films occupies the childhood of many "post-75" parents, and it is also a cultural and spiritual continuation to enable the next generation to engage in this work.

  [Concurrent] Parent Wang Peng

  The initial idea was to let him (the child) master one more skill, but in the process of his learning, he discovered that it is indeed possible that there is a gene of long shadow in his bones. His performance is getting better and better, and it is also very good in all aspects. , I felt that he should continue to persevere and let him pass on the genes of Changying.

  Reporter from Changchun Lu Shengnan

Editor in charge: [Sun Jingbo]