The German Weather Service (DWD) warns of severe thunderstorms at the beginning of the new week. Meteorologists expect temperatures of up to 33 degrees in the east and 26 to 30 degrees in the west on Monday. Already in the course of the day, from the Black Forest up to the western low mountain ranges (Eifel, Rothaargebirge) and partly also in the central low mountain ranges (Rhön, Thuringian Forest), individual, but partly already violent thunderstorms with severe weather potential due to heavy rain and hail are likely to develop. In the rest of the country the sun still shines a lot and it stays dry, as they say.

According to the DWD, violent thunderstorms threaten the Black Forest, the Vosges and the Swiss Alps in the evening and on Tuesday night. The meteorologists assume a severe thunderstorm in the evening and on Tuesday night. The thunderstorms are likely to move from Baden-Württemberg and the Palatinate to Hesse and Franconia during the night. Parts of Thuringia could also be affected. According to the DWD, there is a risk of heavy rain even in extreme storms. More than 50 liters of rain per square meter could fall within a few hours. In addition, severe squalls and, especially in the evening and at the beginning of the night, hail could cause damage. The east and north of Germany are still spared from the thunderstorms.

On Tuesday, the thunderstorm heavy rain could then also reach northern Germany. It remains the longest dry north-east of the Elbe, where only a few showers and thunderstorms are to be expected during the day. In the rest of the country, according to the DWD, showers and sometimes strong thunderstorms can still be expected, with heavy rain and hail being a danger. In the west, somewhat cooler air seeps in again, so that the temperatures there rise to a pleasant 21 to 26 degrees. In the east, where the thunderstorms are still a long time coming, it gets really hot again. From Berlin to the Oder, peak values ​​of 33 degrees are expected.