Shenzhen issued a new policy for epidemic prevention: two types of people's Yuekang code turned yellow, and they could not enter the traffic station with the red and yellow code

  Affected by the Shenzhen epidemic, the Yuekang codes of the two types of people changed from "green codes" to "yellow codes."

  According to the "Shenzhen Release" WeChat official account, on June 20, the Shenzhen Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control.

According to Liu Jianjun, Director of the Emergency Command Office of the Shenzhen Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, according to the "Yuekang Code Judgment and Transcoding Rules", Shenzhen has classified the two groups of people as "yellow codes". The first is the arrival of the CA868 international flight since June 10th. During the discovery of Zhu and Xiao’s cases on the 18th, people who stayed at Shenzhen Airport for more than one hour, including departing or arriving passengers and airport shuttle personnel, as well as airport work and service guarantee personnel; second, in the confirmed cases, close contacts and In the residence, work, and activity trajectory of the second-closer, people who have stayed in the corresponding risk period.

  Lin Xiaolong, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Airport Group, said that in response to the situation that some passengers arriving in Hong Kong from Yuekang code were converted to "yellow codes" in the past two days, in order to solve the needs of passengers for nucleic acid testing, Shenzhen Airport will be urgently located on the west side of the domestic arrival hall from the 20th. A temporary nucleic acid testing site has been set up to provide on-site free nucleic acid testing services for arriving passengers whose Yuekang Code is the "yellow code".

Passengers coming to Shenzhen within the territory can pass by showing the "Green Code" of the Yuekang Code.

  On June 20, The Paper ( learned from Shenzhen Bao’an Airport that the airport has set up nucleic acid testing points and passengers have queued up.

An airport staff member told reporters that some people took a flight from Shenzhen Bao’an Airport from June 10th to 18th, and returned to Shenzhen to find that the Yuekang code had changed from green to yellow. Passengers holding the "yellow code" needed nucleic acid. Detection.

Other people holding the "yellow code" will also receive SMS notifications from the community requesting nucleic acid testing.

  Passengers holding the "yellow code" consulted with a negative nucleic acid test report made from other places to see if it is passable. The airport staff said that passengers holding the "yellow code" still need to undergo nucleic acid testing at the airport after landing in Shenzhen.

  However, personnel who have turned yellow code from Yuekang code need not worry too much. They should go to the nearest nucleic acid test site for testing as soon as possible. If the nucleic acid test result is negative, the system will automatically convert the "yellow code" to "green code" when the relevant test data is received. ".

Currently, Shenzhen provides 55 nucleic acid sampling and testing points for "Yellow Code" personnel.

  The Paper noted that due to the epidemic, several flights to Shenzhen Bao'an Airport have been cancelled, the airport is sparsely crowded, and all shops in the terminal have been closed.

The airport staff wear protective clothing and carefully check the relevant information of the passengers.

  According to CCTV News on June 20, in response to the recent confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia that occurred within the Shenzhen Airport in Guangdong, Shenzhen Airport has comprehensively raised the level of epidemic prevention and control.

Chen Minsheng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Shenzhen Airport Group, said that the risk area will be closed and the ground transportation center of the terminal will be eliminated on a large scale. All staff who directly contact passengers in the terminal will wear first-class protective equipment. .

  Chen Minsheng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Shenzhen Airport Group, said that since June 7th, since June 7th, since the implementation of more stringent control measures such as nucleic acid testing and inspection certificates for passengers in Lishen, the scene is generally in order.

As of 12:00 on June 19, a total of 9,631 people who did not meet the epidemic prevention requirements were advised to return.

  According to Shenzhen’s latest epidemic prevention requirements, Shenzhen has 1 airport, 13 railway stations, 30 bus stations, and 4 passenger terminals. Passengers entering the station must have 100% temperature measurement, 100% bright green code, and 100% wearing masks. Persons with red and yellow codes cannot enter the station.

Starting at 0:00 on June 20, all passengers leaving Shenzhen from Shenzhen airport, railway station, bus station, wharf and other transportation stations have increased the requirement to provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.

  Anti-epidemic control has been upgraded, the number of travelers has decreased, and there are very few taxi waiting lanes outside Shenzhen Bao'an Airport.

Some taxi drivers said that the number of passengers picked up at the airport has dropped sharply these days.