Stella McCartney has been campaigning against the use of animals in fashion for a long time, be it fur, leather or feathers.

And while the designer has always made this commitment the driving force behind her creativity, her latest Fall 2021 collection is coupled with a campaign called

Our Time is Now!

in partnership with the animal rights organization The Humane Society of the United State.

Last Monday, the models presented the house's new pieces at several popular London venues with animal heads screwed to the shoulders.

With this initiative, Stella McCartney hopes to push the British government to end the importation of fur into the United Kingdom.

Classy and committed

“While this campaign is light, I wanted to raise a serious issue: the end of the use of fur.

Whether (the fur) is sold here in the UK or produced globally, barbarism knows no borders and this effort is the key to my mission in life, which is to bring consciousness to life. 'fashion industry,' said Stella McCartney in a statement relayed by Refinery29.

The campaign is accompanied by a video sequence produced by Mert & Marcus in the style of a parody of an animal documentary in the glory of animal diversity with the voice of British actor David Walliams.

But it's also a fun opportunity to take a look at Stella McCartney's new collection and see how well a poodle wears a pantsuit!


Stella McCartney launches treaty for sustainable fashion

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