African journalists refugees in France: fear of double punishment

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L'Atelier des

Médias, journalist Kpénahi Traoré took an interest in the situation of some of her African colleagues who had taken refuge in France.


When they arrived in France, they thought they could continue their activity.

But some African journalists who have taken refuge in France are experiencing real disillusion.

They find that it is very difficult to find a place in a saturated sector in crisis where they are not expected. 

Mandian Sidibé

, a Guinean journalist, was the star host of several shows on a private radio station in Conakry:

La Round des Journalistes




Diane Akizimana

, a Burundian journalist, came to France for a month-long training at the Journalists' Training Center (CFPJ).

She was unable to return to her country where the political situation deteriorated.


Darline Cothière

, director of the

House of Journalists

, refuge for information professionals exiled in Paris.


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