E-commerce claims to be detectable, teachers suggest not to induce students

Manufacturer: "Hidden Mobile Phone Water Cup" was originally designed for sports lovers

  Recently, a water cup that can hide mobile phones has attracted widespread attention.

The online video shows that the appearance of this water cup is the same as a normal cup, but the base can be opened, and there is a space in the cup body that can fit a mobile phone.

A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily found that a number of online stores were selling such water cups publicly, claiming to be "an artifact of mobile phones hidden in class."

A staff member of the water cup manufacturer told a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily that the water cup was originally transparent for sportsmen to put on their mobile phones. Later, an opaque water cup was produced at the request of the dealer.

"Hidden mobile phone drinking cup" is hotly debated

The merchant claims to be anti-inspection and anti-detection

  Recently, a video sparked heated discussion.

A teacher in Luoyang, Henan Province released a short video stating that students bought a teacup for hiding their mobile phones from the Internet. This watercup is no different from ordinary cups in appearance, but after opening from the bottom, there is a groove inside that you can put it in. Into the phone.

In addition, not only the charger can be placed in the cup, but there is also a line identification of the mobile phone charger under the cup.

  In this regard, some netizens commented that manufacturers should not design and produce similar products, worrying that students will use them to cheat; some netizens believe that instead of questioning merchants, it is better to guide students to use mobile phones from the front. Without this water cup, there may be other things. Instead.

  On June 20, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily searched on multiple online shopping platforms and found that multiple businesses were selling this cup.

An online shop claimed that the cup was “anti-inspection, anti-inspection, and anti-detection” and also stated that “most students buy new models for safety, and no classmates have been discovered so far.”

The customer service staff said that there are many application scenarios for this cup, which can be used by sportsmen and students.

The customer service staff also advised students not to bring it during the exam, and said that "the specific usage depends on the individual buyer."

  Related information from another online shopping platform shows that this water cup is very popular. One of the online stores has sold more than 100,000 pieces, and the other online store has also sold more than 3,000 pieces.

An online shop customer service staff said that the mobile phone can be placed in the mezzanine of the water cup.

The customer service staff said that you can bring this cup when you go out to play, and you can put your phone in it when you encounter water in a boating place to prevent water from entering.

At the same time, the customer service said that the students are not completely unavailable, "Students should make reasonable arrangements in accordance with school regulations and use them properly, but they cannot be used in any exams."

A manufacturer’s response: Originally a transparent cup

Designed for athletes

  According to the information provided by the customer service staff of the online store, yesterday, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily contacted a water cup manufacturer located in Taizhou, Zhejiang. Its website also listed the introduction of mobile phone cups, saying that the water cup was "sports "Mobile phone cup" can be taken for swimming, running, or used to store medicine. It does not mention that students can hide mobile phones for use.

  Mr. Wang, a staff member of the manufacturer, told a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily that the original intention of designing this cup was mainly for export, not for students to hide mobile phones.

"This was originally for foreign athletes. The pants they wear generally don't have pockets. The mobile phone will not be put in the pocket, so the mobile phone can be put in the water glass."

  Mr. Wang said that the cups they initially produced were transparent. Later, a dealer asked to produce all-black cups, so they also produced opaque cups.

  Regarding the hot discussion on the Internet that can hide the mobile phone cup, Mr. Wang said, "We have to meet to discuss what to do next. For the sake of the children, we may find a dealer to understand the situation."

  On the 20th, Ms. Wang, a junior high school teacher in Liaoning, told a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily that she has not found any students who have bought similar water cups to hide their mobile phones. The school will check students regularly to prevent students from sneaking mobile phones.

  Teacher Wang expressed that he hoped that the merchants would avoid using the words "hidden mobile phone artifact" when selling, so as to prevent adverse effects on students.

Comply with relevant standards and pass the supervision of competent authorities

The production and sales of cups are legal

  On June 20, Zhao Liangshan, a senior partner of Shaanxi Hengda Law Firm and a public welfare lawyer, told a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily that whether the production and sales of this cup are legal or not depends on whether the production meets the corresponding production standards, technical requirements, and various parameters. Whether the indicator test is qualified, whether it has trademarks, product marks, and barcodes, and whether it has passed the supervision of relevant competent authorities.

As long as the above conditions are met, the production of the cup is legal.

At the same time, it can also enter the market for sales.

  However, Zhao Liangshan introduced that regardless of whether the cup is legal or not, students cannot use this cup as a tool for illegal crimes. If this cup is brought into the examination room and used as a tool for cheating on the exam, it is suspected of illegality. Students can be investigated for the illegal and criminal law of cheating on the exam. responsibility.

  Text/Reporter Guo Linlin Coordinator/Chi Haibo