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  Drunk driving "cost account"

  □ Our reporter Fan Tianjiao

  □ Correspondent Wang Haigen and Qin Gengyun

  You must not be unfamiliar with this sentence if you don’t drink while driving, and don’t drink while driving.

In the past 10 years of “drunk driving and imprisonment”, the phenomenon of drinking and driving has been effectively curbed to a certain extent, but it has been repeatedly banned and its head has been repeatedly raised.

  According to statistics from the Traffic Police Detachment of the Public Security Bureau of Wuhu City, Anhui Province, in 2020, the Wuhu Traffic Police Department investigated and dealt with 2,317 cases of drunk driving and 985 cases of drunk driving; from January to March this year, 661 cases of drunk driving and 245 cases of drunk driving were investigated and dealt with.

Why are so many people "trying the law" and how to further strengthen prevention at the source, Wuhu Traffic Police conducted a detailed analysis.

Alcohol affects nerve tissue

  According to "Vehicle Drivers' Blood and Breath Alcohol Content Threshold and Inspection" (GB19522-2010): When the alcohol content in the blood of the driver is less than 80mg/100ml, it is considered to be drunk driving; the alcohol content in the blood of the driver is greater than or equal to At 80mg/100ml, it belongs to drunk driving.

The most accurate way to detect whether driving under the influence or not is to check the alcohol content in the blood of the driver immediately, which constitutes the most effective and direct evidence of punishment by the public security organs.

  Wang Dirong, captain of the Second Squadron, Development Zone Brigade, Traffic Police Detachment of Wuhu Public Security Bureau, said that alcohol is essentially an anesthetic. After entering the human blood, it will affect the activities of the central nervous system and extend to the motor nerves and peripheral nerves, making the activities of the hands and feet slow. The timeliness, accuracy, coordination and reliability of its movement are greatly reduced, and the driver's physical strength, judgment and coordination ability will also be correspondingly reduced.

  Data shows that alcohol enters the blood from the stomach, then enters various parts of the body, and reaches the brain within 20 to 40 minutes. Alcohol affects the nerve tissue in the brain that controls the ability to judge, causing abnormal excitement and inhibitory activity of neurons. Let them become "disorderly and disorderly" and "disobeyed".

  At the same time, alcohol will slow down people's reflex and reaction speed, reduce observation ability and alertness, and will find it difficult to judge the distance, speed and the operation of other vehicles, and will also feel difficult to manipulate the vehicle.

  "If the alcohol content in the blood exceeds 0.3%, it will lead to reduced vision. In this case, people are no longer capable of driving. If the alcohol content exceeds 0.8%, the driver's field of vision will be reduced, the vision will be unstable, and the color vision will be unstable. The function will also decline, resulting in the inability to detect and understand the traffic signals, traffic signs and markings, and it is difficult to find the hidden dangers at the edge of the field of vision." Wang Dirong said that after being drunk, psychological changes include overestimating himself, being impulsive, risky and aggressive. It becomes stronger; fatigue and sleepiness occur, and the brain is unconscious and unable to drive normally.

  Why does drunk driving continue to be banned repeatedly?

  Since drunk driving is so dangerous, why is it still banned repeatedly?

Wei, the instructor of the Jiujiang Traffic Police Brigade of the Wuhu City Public Security Bureau's Traffic Police Division, analyzes that it is first of all related to the "drinking table culture" of Chinese people.

Friends and relatives gather, and the unit organizes activities to have free drinks. Some people also know the truth of "don't drive while drinking, and don't drive while drinking", but they can't help being persuaded by others.

Secondly, many people are lucky, always thinking that drinking and driving will not be discovered by the traffic police, and some think that drinking beer and driving is not drunk driving, and drinking "medicine" is not considered drunk driving.

  Liu, who lives in Fanchang District, Wuhu City, drank a bottle of beer at noon because his work unit gave him an extra 2,000 yuan bonus.

After drunk, when he drove a motorcycle to work, his wife advised him not to ride a motorcycle, but he said that drinking beer is not considered drunk driving. Unexpectedly, he was caught by the traffic police as soon as he was on the road.

When the traffic police asked him how much alcohol he drank at noon, he plausibly said that he drank beer, not drunk driving.

Immediately, the traffic police conducted an alcohol test on him, and the result reached the standard for drunk driving and was punished heavily.

  "Some drivers are overconfident in their driving skills and drinking capacity, thinking that it's okay to drink and drive. Some people hear the news circulating on the Internet and feel that there is a way to deal with alcohol testing, that is, take a drink before, during and after drinking. Medicine can make alcohol evaporate very quickly, and you can drive half an hour after drinking. Others allow the driver to keep mineral water in his car. When the driver is stopped by a traffic police and asks for an alcohol test, don’t panic, delay as much as possible, and then Hurry up and drink water. If you are taken to the traffic police team, you will be asked to go to the toilet, drink tap water continuously, and vomit when you pick your throat and eyes." Wei said today. It turns out that these methods are useless, and the breath test will still detect drunk driving. , And as time goes by, the blood alcohol content will get higher and higher within two hours after drinking.

  Wei said today that at present, the administrative penalties that constitute drunk driving are generally administrative detention and fines.

For drunk drivers, the motor vehicle driving license shall be revoked and criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law, and the motor vehicle driving license shall not be obtained again within five years.

  Calculating the "cost account" of drunk driving

  In order to avoid a traffic accident tragedy caused by drunk driving, preventing drunk driving from the source is the key.

Pan Shuai, the captain of the fourth brigade of the Wuhu Highway Traffic Police, who has been engaged in road traffic management for a long time, suggested: “Traffic police should increase inspections of drivers in their daily law enforcement duties. Once a drunk driver is found, they should be strict in accordance with relevant regulations. To deal with it, a high-pressure situation is formed so that every driver dare not touch this high-voltage line. On the basis of penalizing drunk driving in strict accordance with the Road Traffic Safety Law, localities can also formulate some effective local laws and regulations to prevent drunk driving in accordance with actual conditions. Penalize accordingly."

  At the same time, we must strengthen publicity and not relax.

When the traffic police department launches anti-drunk driving propaganda, it is necessary to combine the ingredients of alcohol, its impact on driving and the whole process of causing traffic accidents into propaganda materials with pictures and texts, and send and post them for free, so that the public can deeply understand the dangers of drinking and driving, so as to realize driving consciously. Do not drink alcohol.

  In particular, it is necessary to carry out the "Drunk Driving Cost" publicity.

If you drive and operate a motor vehicle while drunk, you will face administrative detention for 15 days, a fine of 5,000 yuan, and the suspension of your driver's license, and you will not be allowed to re-obtain a motor vehicle driver's license within 5 years.

If drunk driving an operating motor vehicle, not only will the motor vehicle driver’s license be revoked and criminal responsibility will be pursued, the motor vehicle driver’s license shall not be re-obtained within 10 years, and the operating motor vehicle shall not be driven after the driver’s license is re-obtained.

If a major traffic accident occurs during drunk driving, not only will you be held criminally responsible, your motor vehicle driver’s license will be revoked, and you will also face a lifetime ban on driving.

  However, the consequences of drunk driving are far more than these.

According to Article 133 of the Criminal Law, anyone who violates traffic and transportation regulations and causes a major accident, causing serious injury or death, or causing major losses to public or private property, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention; Other particularly bad circumstances shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years; and those who cause death due to escape shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than seven years.

And drunk driving caused major traffic accidents is not a small number.

  For commercial auto insurance, as long as the traffic police determines that the insured vehicle is an accident caused by the driver's "drunk driving", the insurance company can disclaim compensation.

For compulsory traffic insurance, Article 22 of the "Regulations on Compulsory Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident Liability Insurance" clearly stipulates that if a driver is drunk, the insurance company shall advance the rescue expenses within the limit of the compulsory motor vehicle traffic accident liability insurance liability and have the right to pay The victim will be compensated.

As explained above, because of his drunk driving behavior, his family will be implicated, and even bankruptcy, and the loss outweighs the gain.

  Drunk driving, especially accidents that cause casualties, has violated many laws and regulations. Of course, they are no longer eligible to join the party, apply for national civil servants, serve in the military, and enter military academies.

If drunk driving leaves a criminal record, it will also affect the political trial of your children's participation in the army and civil service examinations.

Pan Shuai said that in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Contract Law, the employer can terminate the labor contract if the laborer is held criminally liable in accordance with the law.

If state officials and civil servants are sentenced for drunk driving, they are very likely to be expelled from public office and party membership.

If a non-public official is sentenced for drunk driving and is expelled from the employer, he will not receive financial compensation from the employer.

  It can be seen that the "cost" of drunk driving is very high.

"For the safety of yourself and passers-by, for the happiness of your family, as a driver, you must resolutely say no to drunk driving," Pan Shuai said.