In order to accelerate vaccination for the elderly, Kushiro City, Hokkaido, secured a part of the doctors who interviewed with a daily salary of about 170,000 yen and started vaccination at a large-scale venue from the 20th.

Kushiro City has set up a large-scale inoculation site that can inoculate 1,000 people a day, and started inoculation on the morning of the 20th.

At the venue, elderly people are interviewed and inoculated by a "patrol method" in which doctors and nurses move around the venue while sitting in chairs.

Seven doctors who will be interviewed will be stationed at the venue, but medical institutions in the city will not be able to gather doctors who can handle it, and during the 10 days from 21st to 25th of this month and from 28th of this month to 2nd of next month on weekdays. , We recruited from inside and outside of Hokkaido with a daily salary of 175,000 yen, and secured a total of 70 people.

A man in his 70s who received the vaccination said, "I'm glad I finally got the vaccination."

Mayor Hiroya Ebina of Kushiro City said, "We could see that the vaccination was completed by the end of next month due to the establishment of the venue. The high daily wage is exactly" supply and demand "."

Some vaccines may be discarded due to the high temperature of the refrigerator.

On the other hand, Kushiro City announced that it had discarded a total of 1002 people who were scheduled to use it on the 20th because the temperature of the refrigerator where the vaccine was stored was high.

According to the city, the vaccine had to be stored at 8 degrees or less after thawing, but on the morning of the 20th, the temperature inside the refrigerator had risen to 12 degrees, so we are investigating the cause as a malfunction of the refrigerator.

Kushiro City said that it hurriedly thawed another vaccine and responded, "It does not affect the schedule, but I want to thoroughly prevent recurrence."

Raise daily wages Recruit doctors from all over the country The cost is borne by the government

Kushiro City, Hokkaido, has been recruiting through the Internet recruitment site since the beginning of this month in order to secure doctors to interview at the venue when setting up a large-scale inoculation venue.

The initial condition was a daily wage of 105,000 yen, but since there were few applications especially on weekdays, the daily wage will be raised to 175,000 yen from the 21st to the 25th and from the 28th of this month to the 2nd of next month for 10 days on weekdays. I decided to.

When converted to an hourly wage, 25,000 yen will be paid, transportation expenses to Kushiro will be paid, and a hotel and three meals will be prepared.

When we recruited again with the increased daily salary, we were able to secure a total of 70 doctors, as we received a series of applications from all over the country.

A person in charge of Kushiro City said, "Hurry, the government has forced us to finish the vaccination for the elderly by the end of next month, and set a high daily wage so that it will be noticed by doctors. Considering the location with poor access , I had to make a difference with other local governments. "

According to Kushiro City, the government will bear all the costs of securing doctors.