[Explanation] On June 18th, more than 30 pupils from Harbin Qunli Experimental No. 4 Primary School walked into the training ground of the Special Patrol Detachment of Harbin Public Security Bureau to watch weapons and equipment, attend safety classes, observe actual combat exercises, and experience interesting subjects.

This is the fifth stop of a series of live broadcast activities of the National Special Police Camp Open Day hosted by the Public Security Administration of the Ministry of Public Security of China.

It brought shocking special police "first experience" to these cute babies in the ice city.

  [Concurrent] Li Heran, Deputy Squadron Leader, Special Police First Brigade, Patrol Special Police Division, Harbin Public Security Bureau

  Today we mainly want to let the children experience some of the equipment and equipment of our SWAT team and some of our daily training subjects. Today, there are mainly some interactive exhibition areas for guns, and interactive exhibition areas for our vehicles, as well as our climbing, drones, There are also some demonstrations of hard qigong.

  [Explanation] "Precise shooting, climbing assault, high-altitude cable descent, and brick splitting with bare hands..." One by one wonderful displays attracted the cheers and cheers of the children.

The reporter learned that during this event, the Special Patrol Detachment of the Harbin Public Security Bureau meticulously prepared more than 10 special combat subjects such as climbing and downhill, special driving, and anti-riot gun shooting.

"Drones, EOD robots, tiger armored vehicles, warrior assault vehicles..." All kinds of "high-precision" police equipment that can only be seen in major movies and televisions are full of technological sense, and it is a feast for the children. .

Primary school student Zheng Wenze told reporters that the climbing assault left him the most impressive.

  [Concurrent] Primary school student Zheng Wenze

  The uncles of the special police are very handsome and prestigious. They do this to protect our country.

  [Explanation] The pupils at the scene not only saw the wonderful training subjects and the latest special police equipment, but also followed the special police to learn the "three-step escape method" when they are subjected to violence, so that the children participating in the activity can stay away from violence. Teacher Hao Jie told reporters that it is very meaningful for students to take a safety education class in such an environment.

  [Concurrent] Hao Jie, a teacher of Harbin Qunli Experimental Fourth Primary School

  Through such a demonstration, through the training process of special police officers, we have felt the hard work of our special police officers, and at the same time, we have also maintained security and stability for our country. We are also very grateful.

Being able to come into such an environment and let them experience and feel for themselves, I believe it also teaches children a very meaningful safety lesson.

  Li Jiangming reports from Harbin, Heilongjiang

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]