China News Service, Dongguan, June 19 (Reporter Li Yingmin) The reporter learned from the Dongguan Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the 19th that the first round of nucleic acid tests in 13 key enclosed areas in Dongguan were all negative.

  In the early morning of June 18, an investigation on Nancheng Street in Dongguan City found a suspected case of COVID-19 nucleic acid positive, which was later reviewed by the Dongguan Center for Disease Control and the result was positive.

Dongguan citizens line up for nucleic acid testing at night. Photo by Li Yingmin

  Patient Li Mouting, female, 30 years old, lives in Baiyue Shangcheng Community, Nancheng Street.

Fever started at about 16:00 on June 17, accompanied by itchy throat, cough, and runny nose. At 19:00, I drove to the fever clinic of Dongguan Kanghua Hospital for treatment. The temperature was measured at 38℃. The preliminary screening results in the early morning of the 18th were nasopharyngeal specimens and throat swab All the specimens were positive. The second sample was collected on June 18, and the nasopharyngeal specimen was positive for nucleic acid and the throat swab specimen was positive for nucleic acid.

A case of new coronary pneumonia (mild) was diagnosed through expert consultation and has been transferred to a designated hospital for isolation and treatment. The current situation is stable.

  According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, Dongguan will implement closed management on 13 key areas where patients are involved from the 18th.

The 13 key areas are: Nancheng Street Baiyue Shangcheng District, Nancheng Street Xiaomi Bu Baby Bud International Nursery Center, Dongguan City Terminal (Nancheng), Xiaoshunfeng Restaurant (Hongcheng International Store), Nancheng Street First International Baian Center Block B, Goldman Sachs Technology Park (No. 5, Longxi Road, Zhouxi Street, Nancheng Street), Banana Vegetable Research Institute of Wanjiang Street, Dongcheng Street Shangqiao Community Zhamentou Alley, Dongcheng Street Shangqiao Community Qiaolang Road, Dongcheng Street Dongcheng 10 Three bowls of Dongrun Four Seasons Coconut Chicken, Team 6 of Bafang, Masi Village, Machong Town, Galaxy City Shopping Mall, Machong Town and Country Garden Jiayu Garden in Machong Town.

The people in the enclosed area stay strictly at home and stay at home.

  Starting on the evening of the 18th, Dongguan has conducted nucleic acid tests on people in these 13 enclosed areas. After the first round of personnel nucleic acid screening, 10 enclosed areas in the main urban area, including the community where the confirmed cases are located, "Baiyue Shangcheng", 3,982 people were sampled; 3 closed areas in Mayong, 5428 people were sampled.

A total of 9,410 people were sampled in 13 enclosed areas, all of which were negative.

  At the same time, Dongguan City has conducted comprehensive nucleic acid tests on people in five towns and streets in Guancheng, Dongcheng, Wanjiang, Nancheng, and Machong. Currently, the testing is still in progress.