Forced male mice to get pregnant and give birth in China

In a scientific experiment described as "despicable", male mice in China were forced to become pregnant and give birth by caesarean section, after a male mouse connected to a female and implanted a uterus inside it.

The chief scientific policy at PETA, Britain, Emily McIvor described to the newspaper "Daily Mail" the matter as a "Frankenstein study" and a "vile experiment" of no use, about sensitive beings that feel pain, joy and loneliness.

And according to “Russia Today”, a team from the Naval Medical University in Shanghai was inspired by the experiment from male seahorses who give birth, to see if the fetus can live in a “male womb.”

The team brought a male and a female rat together by binding their skin and sharing blood between the two halves of the new pairing, then implanting the uterus in the male half and implanting the embryos into both male and female rats.

The fetuses were allowed to develop to term, 21.5 days, with ten successful pups out of 27 "normal" male fetuses delivered by caesarean section.

"Surgically delivering to sensitive rats, who have suffered disfigurement and weeks of prolonged suffering, is immoral and in Frankenstein's world," McIvor said.

McIvor noted that these harrowing experiences are motivated only by curiosity and do nothing to advance our understanding.

She says animals deserve to be respected and left in peace, not treated like disposables.

In their paper, the authors wrote: "To our knowledge, pregnancy has never been reported in male mammals. In this study, we established a male rat pregnancy model and found that implanted embryos were able to develop to adulthood in male (attached to a female) wombs. during exposure to the blood of a pregnant female.

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