China News Service, Macau, June 18th (Reporter Long Tuyou) On June 18th, the "Building Dreams" Glory-Witnessing a Century of Chinese Railway Development Exhibition" was held in the multifunctional hall of the Macao-Sino-Portuguese Business Cooperation Service Platform Complex.

  He Houhua, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Luo Liwen, Secretary for Transport and Public Affairs of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government, Yao Jian, Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of Macau Central Committee, Cui Shiping, Chairman of the Macau Science and Technology Association, He Dingyi, President of the Macau Women’s Federation, Macau Chinese Enterprises Association Chairman Fu Jianguo and others attended the launching ceremony.

  In his speech, Yao Jian said that this exhibition will help all sectors of the Macau society to gain a deeper understanding of the history of the birth and development of Chinese railways, deepen their understanding of the history of China’s modern and modern countries and national struggles, and also help the audience to have a deeper understanding of Chinese railways. The advanced technology and level of construction.

  Fu Jianguo pointed out that the construction and development of China's railways has witnessed the arduous pursuit and great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, demonstrated the strong leadership and aspirations of the Chinese Communist Party, and supported the strong self-confidence and good wishes of the Chinese people.

The Macau Chinese Enterprises Association will inherit and carry forward the spirit of the Chinese Railways, continue to strive to promote the prosperity and stability of the economy and society of Macau, and contribute to the appropriate diversification of the Macau economy.

  Cui Shiping said that this exhibition is of great significance as a gift to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

The Macao Association for Science and Technology has been committed to bringing creativity and innovation to Macao’s economic development for many years. It hopes that the young generation of Macao will follow the pace of the motherland’s technological development, ride the train of the motherland’s rapid development, integrate into the country’s development, and jointly shoulder the glorious mission of building a technological power. .

  It is reported that this exhibition includes more than 30 precious objects and nearly 100 pictures. Through historical materials such as pictures, objects, audio and video data, and physical models, combined with multimedia technology and interactive activities, they fully demonstrate the historical trajectory of China’s railway development and leading railways. technology.

  The exhibition was organized by the Macao Special Administrative Region Government and the Liaison Office of the Central Committee of Macao as the guiding unit, and hosted by the Macao Chinese Enterprise Association, the Macao Women’s Federation, and the Macao Science and Technology Association.