On the morning of the 18th, an 89-year-old woman was attacked by a bear in the garden of a house in Suzaka City, Nagano Prefecture, and was seriously injured, including a broken arm.

Police and the city are patroling and calling attention to the fact that bears have not yet been found.

According to police and fire departments, Chiyoko Aoki (89), who lives in a house in Gokan, Suzaka City, went out to the garden to pick flowers around 6 am on the 18th, and was attacked by a bear from behind. ..

Mr. Aoki suffered a serious injury such as breaking his right arm, but his life is not different.

According to the police, the bear is considered to be an adult animal about 1 meter and 40 centimeters in length, based on the footprints left in the garden.

The site is dotted with houses and fields about 400 meters east of Murayama Station on the Nagano Electric Railway, and police say that bears have not yet been found.

Police and the city patrol and warn you not to irritate bears if you see them.