Learn to listen to your inner voice and choose your "true love" major

  ■Our reporter Wu Jinjiao

  The 2021 college entrance examination has ended a few days ago, and the "top priority" before candidates and parents is to fill in the report.

Many "comers" kindly remind candidates: "It is more important than a good exam, that it is done well by volunteers." Is this really the case?

What are the new trends in this year's college voluntary reporting?

  There was news from Fudan University a few days ago that the scope of school transfers in 2021 will be further expanded.

Except for a few designated majors, more majors give students two opportunities to transfer majors, and there is no restriction on the number of transfers and academic performance rankings for each transferred major.

  East China Normal University also implements an open major transfer system. Students admitted to special categories such as art, sports, foreign languages, and targeted employment training are not allowed to apply for transfer. Other students can apply for transfer before the third academic year. profession.

  Nowadays, more and more high-level corrections have changed the phenomenon of “one-filled life-time” for college entrance examination volunteers. Through large-scale training, double degrees, various characteristic classes, experimental classes, and professional transfer systems, they provide students with personalized high-quality Development path.

The advice given by the heads of the undergraduate admissions offices of many universities in Shanghai to candidates is: When filling in the volunteers, not only need to consider the lowest admission points and ranks in previous years, the professional strength of the institution, but also the "fitness" of the student himself and the major --The best is the one that suit for you.

  Recently, many universities in Shanghai have issued 2021 undergraduate admissions regulations.

The reporter combed and found that the menus of many colleges and universities have been "new".

  Shanghai Jiao Tong University launched the humanities experiment for the first time this year, adding 6 double bachelor's degree programs and majors. The majors involved, such as marine and ocean engineering, are the school's strongest or most distinctive majors.

  Fudan University has launched a comprehensive humanities experiment class, which consists of three majors: Chinese language and literature, history, and philosophy; the technical science experimental class has newly added majors such as microelectronics science and engineering, aerospace, and security technology. The number of majors (categories) has increased to 16; basic medicine majors have been added to the medical experimental class.

  East China Normal University not only newly added the major of "Marxist Theory", but also newly established three dual degree programs of "Psychology + Computer Science and Technology", "Law + Psychology", and "Statistics + Computer Science and Technology".

  It is worth noting that the enrollment of teachers' majors has also expanded this year.

Among them, East China Normal University has newly added a "National Excellent Teachers Special" enrollment plan to train a group of outstanding teachers in the underdeveloped areas of the central and western regions, recruiting and training a total of 150 teacher students in Chinese, mathematics, English, physics, history and other majors.

Shanghai Normal University’s enrollment of normal students this year will double that of last year, and the total enrollment of normal students has increased from just over 20% of the total enrollment of the school to 42%.

  The scores for the college entrance examination are coming soon. Talking about the main points of volunteering, Pan Weijie, director of the admissions office of Fudan University, suggested that candidates learn to "listen to their inner voice."

According to Pan Weijie, the reason why colleges and universities gradually relax the "threshold" for major conversion is to allow more students to dare to choose a major that they truly love.

In Fudan University, after enrolling undergraduates, they can apply for major transfer in April of freshman and sophomore year. The number of major transfer plans is 15%-20% of the number of major enrollment plans that year.

  The latest enrollment plans announced by a number of double first-class universities show that large-scale enrollment and large-scale training are forming trends.

Chen Yuguang, director of the admissions office of Tongji University, introduced that the school has established a linkage mechanism for general enrollment, general training, and general management talent training, and implements a "1+3"-based talent training model, that is, general education is carried out in the freshman college in the first academic year. Education, professional education will be carried out in professional colleges for the next three years.

  Fudan is also committed to creating a "2+X" model for undergraduate training.

"2" means to consolidate the foundation of personal development from both general education and professional training.

"X" refers to the provision of professional advancement, interdisciplinary development, innovation and entrepreneurship and other diversified development paths for the personalized growth of students.

  For candidates who are aspiring to engage in academic research, the direct programs for top-notch talents offered by many universities are worthy of attention.

In 2021, the multiple of the Tongji strong base plan will be increased from 3 times to 5 times.

Fudan University has specially set up a training model for undergraduates, masters, and doctors. Students can join the Zhuobo program in the upper grades of undergraduates, and they can directly study for doctoral degrees during their senior years (medical students).