Four years ago, the prosecution said, "It's a cruel and cruel crime," to a 36-year-old father who was accused of murder and arson after killing six family members in a prefectural housing in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture. I sought the death penalty.

Defendant Hirofumi Komatsu (36), an unemployed person in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, stabbed his wife Megumi (33 at the time) and five children aged 3 to 11 with a sword at a prefectural housing in the city four years ago. He has been accused of murder and arson for murdering and igniting a room.

At the trial on the 17th, Megumi's father first expressed his opinion, "The hatred of the defendant who robbed Megumi and his grandchildren of happiness and the regret that he could not prevent the case still remain. I want you to give the strictest punishment. I complained.

The prosecution then said that the defense had a mental illness in the previous trial, saying that he had no mental illness and was fully responsible. It's a ruthless and cruel crime. It's a selfish motive, such as not wanting to be taken by another man, and deserves strong criticism. "

In response, the defendant's lawyer reiterated that the trial should be suspended, saying that the defendant had lost his memory at the time of the case, and that the defendant had lost responsibility due to the effects of mental illness. He was accused of being weak and demanded that he be acquitted or lightened.

The trial will be concluded on the 17th, and the judgment will be handed down on the 30th of this month.