With the cancellation of the state of emergency, the government changed the basic countermeasures against the new coronavirus, and in areas where priority measures such as prevention of spread have shifted, alcoholic beverages will be served at restaurants that meet certain requirements at 7:00 pm On the other hand, we have decided to include a policy that allows the governor to limit the infection according to the infection situation in the area.

In the proposed change of the basic countermeasure policy for new coronavirus countermeasures that the government is considering, even in areas where the state of emergency is lifted, infection control countermeasures will be gradually mitigated, and necessary countermeasures will be "stage 2 equivalent" or less. It is said that it will continue until it becomes.

In addition, we will continue to request restaurants in areas to which priority measures such as spread prevention are applied to shorten business hours by 8:00 pm, and we will be able to provide alcoholic beverages until 7:00 pm at restaurants that meet certain requirements. is.

On the other hand, it is possible to request that stores that do not meet the requirements not be served alcoholic beverages, and that it can be further restricted at the governor's discretion depending on the infection situation in the area, and to maintain fairness with the stores that are responding to the request. We request that we take appropriate measures such as orders and fines based on the Special Measures Law so that we can do so.

In addition, for restaurants that offer karaoke, we will request refraining from using it for the time being, and whether or not to alleviate it will be decided by the governor based on the infection situation and vaccination situation in the area.

In addition, large-scale facilities such as department stores will request shortening of business hours at the governor's discretion, and will also work on admission control.

Regarding the holding of the event, as a transitional measure for about one month after the declaration of emergency and the cancellation of the priority measures, the organizer will be limited to 10,000 people, and the governor's decision will be made based on the infection situation in the area. Requests a limit on the holding time.

Regarding commuting to the workplace, we are requesting that we strongly promote telecommuting and rotation work to reduce contact opportunities, including aiming to reduce the number of employees by 70%.

Regarding vaccination, it is said that vaccination will be facilitated and accelerated by implementing occupational vaccination including universities, including the utilization of a large-scale vaccination center operated by the Self-Defense Forces.

Regarding border measures, it is said that it will flexibly take strengthening measures in anticipation of the possibility of new mutant viruses occurring in the future.

On the other hand, in order to thoroughly control infections in the workplace, the government and prefectures will support the installation of carbon dioxide concentration measuring instruments, and will promptly provide cooperation money to businesses in response to requests for shortening business hours. Therefore, we are planning to strengthen the prefectural system.

In addition, the government is considering using a QR code so that it can be tracked when it comes into contact with an infected person at a restaurant or the like.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato "We will take effective measures"

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said at a press conference in the morning, "During this time, we will take effective measures while considering the burdens we have had for a long time, the situation in the town and the situation of the people. It is judged that it is necessary. In particular, it has been pointed out that an increase in the staying population at night will lead to infection, and considering how to suppress it, the restaurant will be closed by 8 pm. During that time, 7 pm We ask that you provide alcoholic beverages where you are well protected by the time. By taking such measures, we would like to take effective measures. "