Posted on May 27 on HBO Max and in the wake of Salto, the


reunion episode

 will be broadcast on TF1 next Thursday… in French version.

If the debate between VO and VF still exists, it is clear that many French fans have discovered the dubbed series, and that TF1 was not going to offer this meeting episode in VOST in prime time.

There remained the question of the voices, because part of the voice cast (Chandler, Joey, Rachel) had been excluded from the series at the end of season 8 after asking for a legitimate increase.

Let the fans be reassured, they are back.

First trailer for #FriendsReunion on TF1 with French voices!

See you on Thursday, June 24.

- Christophe Gazzano (@Chris_ga) June 17, 2021

TF1 has indeed unveiled a trailer, and we can hear the recognizable voices among all of Emmanuel Curtil, Mark Lesser and Dorothée Jemma, respectively Chandler, Joey and Rachel in the majority of the series.

Guaranteed nostalgia effect.


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