Chickens, ducks and geese get on the train in groups!

Netizen: Do you want to buy tickets?

  Quack, giggle

  Oh oh oh, jijiji

  The railway station welcomes a group of special "travelers"

  Dozens of little furry heads

  Poke his head out of the snakeskin bag and looked

  Obediently wait for the pit stop

  Where is this train going?

  Why do passengers travel with "chickens, ducks and geese"?

  ↓↓Today, the editor will take you directly to the scene↓↓

  "Chickens, ducks and geese" do not have to buy tickets

  Located at the intersection of Baocheng Railway and Yang'an Railway, Yangpingguan Station was built in 1956. Although it is a third-class station, it occupies a very important position in railway transportation.

  Today, more than a dozen passenger trains and multiple freight trains stop here every day, taking on passenger travel and material transportation in the junction of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces, as well as the disassembly of trains in the three directions of Baoji, Guangyuan and Ankang.

  As the main members of 81 pairs of public welfare "slow trains" across the country, the 8361/8362 passenger trains from Hanzhong to Yangpingguan and the 6063/6064 passenger trains from Baoji to Guangyuan pass through Yangpingguan Station.

  81 pairs of public welfare "slow trains"

  The operation covers 21 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across the country, stops at 530 stations, and passes through 35 ethnic minority areas including Jilin Yanbian, eastern Inner Mongolia, western Hunan, Yunnan-Guizhou, Liangshan Tibetan and southern Xinjiang, transporting 22 million people along the route each year .

  The 8361/8362 train was officially launched in 2005. It runs on the Yang'an Line and runs through the Qinba Mountains. The whole distance is 117 kilometers, and it radiates two counties and one district (Mian County, Ningqiang County, Hantai District) along 517 administrative villages. 760,000 villagers, the lowest fare is 1 yuan, the highest is 7.5 yuan.

  The 6063/6064 train has been in operation since 1958. It runs on the Baocheng Railway, passing through the three provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu. The whole journey is 350 kilometers. The lowest fare is 1 yuan and the highest is 21.5 yuan.

  Every day from 8 am to 10 am is the busiest time at Yangpingguan Station.

Carrying bamboo baskets, carrying baskets, and carrying snakeskin bags, the villagers drove more than ten kilometers of mountain roads to the small station and went to Guangyuan, Lueyang, Hanzhong, Baoji and other places to sell mountain products and agricultural products to increase family income.

  Since it is not a large-scale consignment, in order to provide convenience to the villagers who go to the market, the young birds they carry do not need to buy tickets. They will be arranged to wait in the designated area after the security check. The staff will also clean and kill the waiting room and platform in time.

  After getting on the train, the carrier must take care of the poultry during the whole process, and the train staff will also strengthen inspections and safety reminders, and clean the environment.

  "Iron Backbone" sent a trolley

  "Snakeskin bags are really not easy to handle. It would be much more convenient if you can have a cart." A sentence from the passenger in the waiting room caught the attention of the passenger. They actively solicited opinions and suggestions and purchased a number of small carts to make it convenient for the people. The service is upgraded again.

  "The chicken and duck seedlings at Yangping Pass are of good variety and cheap, and it’s less than 10 yuan to take the train back and forth. In these years, every time I take the train, the railway staff has helped to send the chicken and duck seedlings on the train with a trolley. Dirty and not too tired. My small business is now going smoothly, and the station has been a great help!" Huang Yuxue, a tourist who lives in Xiaoyushan Village, Yangpingguan Town, is a frequent visitor to the station. He is in his 50s this year. Poultry seedlings will be collected in surrounding villages.

  The 72-year-old Uncle Jiang’s home is about two kilometers away from the station.

He said excitedly: "In recent years, thanks to this train, I have made money by going to the market and selling vegetables. I don't have to go out to work, and my days have become more prosperous!"

  Du Qingfang, who lives in Qinghe Village, Yangpingguan Town, is 48 years old this year. She has more than a dozen native chickens and grows a few border vegetables. She often carries a heavy basket on her back and a large bamboo basket on her arm. Seasonal cherries, peaches and other fruits are sold in Hanzhong, Lueyang and other places.

  "Just transport the agricultural products sold for sale to the entrance, show your ID card, and we will load the goods on the trolley and escort them all the way to the station." Passenger transporter Wu Junshi pointed to the small tweet on the side of the waiting room. Said the car.

  In recent years, the “Iron Backbone” party member commando team has been set up at Yangpingguan Station to help people along the route carry luggage, transfer supplies, and escort them onto the train.

According to Zhang Min, secretary of the party branch of the station, 71 party members at the station now participate in the assault team, and the team is still growing.

They have added peripheral service points and expanded the scope of services. Villagers who live not far away can make an appointment for on-site service with just a phone call.

  The "slow train" with cheap, safe and convenient fares

  Not only take the people along the route away from the mountain

  And bring hope to their lives

  November 2012 to present

  Party member commando at Yangpingguan Station

  Served more than 4,500 villagers along the route

  The trolley has also been increased from the original 1 to 7

  The team changed one after another

  But the purpose of serving passengers has always remained the same

  Material: "People's Railway" Newspaper Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Reporter Station (Xi'an Bureau Group Corporation Financial Media Center), Hanzhong Train Department Financial Media Studio

  Text by: Hu Dapeng, Xiao Chen, Yu Hai, Yang Xiaowen, Chen Yan