After some very difficult years, life seems to be improving for Monica Lewinsky. According to the

Hollywood Reporter

, the former White House intern signed a contract with 20th Television to offer new programs. Monica Lewinsky is already at work on

Impeachment: American Crime Story

. This episode of the anthology looks back on the events that led to the impeachment of ex-President of the United States, Bill Clinton (played in the series by Clive Owen), when he was accused of having a liaison with his intern and that he lied under oath.

“Our team got to know Monica through her participation in our next edition of

American Crime Story


We were very impressed with her instinct as a producer and her desire to bring new and provocative stories to the screen.

She is great and passionate about her work, and we hope this agreement will lead to many successful projects together, ”said Karey Burke, President of 20th TV in a statement relayed by the publication.


Monica Lewinsky never concealed that she had long wanted to be a recluse, after unwanted media exposure that traumatized her in the years following the affair. But now, at 47, she has reinvented herself as an author and activist, actively fighting cyberbullying and participating in privacy debates. Her 2015 Ted Talk, titled

The Price of Shame

, in which she reviewed the scandal and what she had learned about others and herself since, has been viewed over 10 years. million times on YouTube.

“I'm interested in stories that are entertaining, thought-provoking and emotional, that move the conversation forward by exploring the human condition from an unexpected angle.

This is what excites me about creating Alt Ending Productions and working with 20th Television.

Having seen my own hijacked story for many years, I am very interested in the voices or perspectives that we don't usually hear or see.

They are full of untapped potential, ”said Monica Lewinsky in a statement relayed by

The Hollywood Reporter



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