What if power was the freedom to do what you want?

What if politics were everyone's job?

Less than a year from the presidential election,

20 Minutes

surveyed the expectations and perceptions of 18-30 year olds on public action and the levers to change the world.

The results of this new exclusive study * carried out by OpinionWay, unveiled this Tuesday at the 10th #MoiJeune conference organized for the five years of our community, are breathtaking.

Not surprisingly, the growing mistrust of the French vis-à-vis politics does not spare the youngest, quite the contrary.

Asked about the terms they associate with political life, they cite “bullshit”, “circus” “interest” “liar” (and even more pejorative…).

A total of 60% (and even 72% of 28-30 year olds) of those polled also approve of the statement that “politics is dirty”.


Popular citizen movements

If for the young generation, there are “lots of things to change in this world” (as 95% of respondents and even 99% of young women affirmed) it is above all through citizen movements and personal initiatives. and collective that will pass a "real" change (for 68% of respondents), far ahead of traditional politics (14%).

The 18-30 year olds have no illusions about the low impact of their demands (74% believe that "their voice will not be heard in the construction of the world of tomorrow"), 51% on the contrary think that their actions will be heard.

Even more, 39% are convinced that “changing the world can be learned” and 32% that “politics is everyone's job”

Behind this result, a new conception of power is emerging: for 18-24 year olds, “real” power means less “deciding the laws” (29%) or influencing a community with two million followers (15%) that “to be free to do what you want” (55%).

An entire program.

* #MoiJeune 20 Minutes - OpinionWay study conducted online on May 25, 2021 with a representative sample of 541 young people aged 18 to 30 (quota method).

If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you can participate in the “#MoiJeune” project, a series of surveys launched by 

20 Minutes 

and built with and for young people.

All the information to register online here.


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