Actor Lee Kwang-soo, who got off from 'Running Man' after the broadcast on the 13th, made a surprise appearance at the subway station.

On the morning of the 15th, Lee Kwang-soo posted several photos taken at the subway station on his Instagram story.

In the photo, Lee Kwang-soo was standing in front of an advertisement with his name and face on it, and for Lee Kwang-soo, who had been running non-stop on 'Running Man' by fans, he wrote phrases such as "Thank you for making us laugh for 11 years" and prepared an advertisement. .

The advertisement prepared by the fans contained the appearances of Lee Kwang-soo, who was active in 'Running Man', and the phrase "I'm happy but sad" and the legendary expression of Lee Kwang-soo, which brought a lot of laughter in 'Running Man' recently, drew attention.

Standing in front of the billboard, Lee Kwang-soo left a photo of fans' surprise gifts, such as posing for a V.

In response, netizens are still expressing their dissatisfaction with comments such as "I'm going to get sick a little bit more, come back when I'm healthy", "I'm happy but sad, that expression will go a long way in Korean entertainment", "Please come out as a guest occasionally", etc.

Previously, Lee Kwang-soo left the SBS entertainment program 'Running Man', which he had been active as a member for 11 years. This is because it was decided that it was difficult to maintain the best condition after suffering an ankle injury in a car accident in February last year. Lee Kwang-soo, who delivered a tearful greeting in the last broadcast, posted on Instagram after the broadcast, "I've been receiving undeserved love for the past 11 years. We made pleasant memories every week,” he said.

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