55 handwritten letters, with a total of more than 40,000 words, a special blessing for post-00 graduates from the post-90s senior class teacher

Seeing the words as you see, I hope you will cherish more after you leave

  55 handwritten letters, each about 800 words.

This graduation season, Liu Weiliang, the head teacher of the 26th class of Senior Three of Chongqing Jinke Bashu Middle School, personally wrote 55 letters as graduation gifts to students.

A special blessing from the post-90s class teacher

55 handwritten letters to bid farewell to my first graduating class

  "This is the first graduating class I took. From the first year of high school until now, I have been with them for three years, and I have been planning to give them a gift during the graduation season." This post-90s Chinese teacher thought He had written simple comments to students during his internship before, so he chose to continue to use letters to convey the most sincere emotions between teachers and students.

  Starting from January this year, Liu Weiliang used the break time to write letters. He first recalled the details of getting along with each student in his mind, and then talked about the three years of high school study and life, and how to deal with each student’s personalities and hobbies. They provide some guidance and suggestions for future development.

A letter is about 800 words, it takes about 20 minutes to handwrite, more than 40,000 words, it took Liu Weiliang a whole semester to complete.

  At the graduation class meeting the day before the college entrance examination, Liu Weiliang handed these letters to each student.

When the students opened the letter, there were surprises and touches, and more students suddenly blushed.

"This is a graduation season, and it has a parting melancholy. Actually, I am not a person who likes to cry. I hope that my letters are more about giving students a summary and encouragement of the three years of high school, but there are still many classmates. She cried on the spot and took the initiative to hug me."

Different encouragement and blessing

Let every student have a different touch

  The reporter saw that each letter begins with the title "Dear" and is signed with "Your friend: Liu Weiliang". The handwriting is neat and delicate. There are bits and pieces of memories between the lines, as well as the characteristics of each student as the head teacher. Encouragement and blessing.

  "I already know your art. Your voice and tone are really a good seed for learning broadcasting. Please don't give up and keep enriching your heart. I believe you will eventually come out... …"

  "Dear Leyan: See the words like the face! Three years are like a white horse, passing by in a hurry! I am honored to teach you for two and a half years. You are really the best child I have ever seen in Chinese, and you are more conscious. My child, your use of language and your mastery of knowledge make me sigh! I also hope that you can study Chinese. Of course, it all depends on your preferences..."

  "You will be confused, anxious, hesitate, and hesitate, but three years ago, you would never have imagined that you would reach such a height through your own efforts, and you would be loved by all the teachers in the subject. It also proves mine. There is nothing wrong with your vision. You are a child with light in your eyes, and this dedication to yourself helps you step by step to the present.

  I will not forget the last person who left the classroom in the middle of the third year of high school. I will not forget your bright smile. Compared to you who cried and cried when you encountered English difficulties in your first year of high school, you have really grown a lot in three years, and you are also truly mature. I hope you will always keep your inner purity, and may you have stars in your eyes, and don't forget the way you came.


More than just a handwritten letter

There is reflection, and the Palace Museum lipstick

  “Nearly half of the students in our class are art students. These classmates have been studying art outside for a long time. Among them, there are more children with personalities, so it is natural to deal with problems more carefully.” As a young head teacher, In the process of writing letters, Liu Weiliang still reflected more on the communication with students. For example, he did not pay enough attention to art students studying abroad; he was too strict in the class, and there were still many deficiencies in his attitude towards students and educational methods. And insufficient.

  Liu Weiliang recalled that he once said a serious thing to a girl in the class. This time he sincerely apologized to the classmate in the letter, "This girl is a class leader and has excellent academic performance. When changing seats, she was assigned a relatively weak grade. In a small group, we have a little dispute.” Although the student said afterwards that he did not take it to heart, Liu Weiliang still carried out self-reflection, and then learned to better communicate with the students when dealing with problems.

  Letters are not enough. Liu Weiliang also prepared skateboards, Forbidden City lipsticks, "Selected Works of Seven Sages in the Bamboo Forest", badminton rackets, Luhan albums and other gifts that closely followed their preferences for each student.

  After the college entrance examination, Liu Weiliang also received responses from parents and classmates, “Especially when the child finds you when they are in trouble, you can find a way to solve the problem and enter the normal track of learning and life. Thank you again, Teacher Liu!” "Thank you for the gift from Teacher Liu! I have finished reading the letter seriously, and I am really touched! After returning from the training camp, I found that I can study hard, especially Chinese and English, even though I could not learn it in the second year of high school. I’m sorry for the knowledge I should learn, but I’m really lost in my third year of high school. I feel that today is not what I was yesterday, and I am also happy for my later efforts and progress. I will continue to work hard..."

  Chongqing Morning News·Upstream News Reporter Wang Yizhu