According to the data of the Beacon Professional Edition, as of 00:00 on June 15, the total box office of the Dragon Boat Festival in 2021 exceeded 460 million, with a total of 12.9836 million attendances, and a total of 1.308 million shows a new record for the Dragon Boat Festival in Chinese film history.

However, this year's Dragon Boat Festival stalls hit a record low in the box office of the Dragon Boat Festival stalls since 2015.

  The top three films at the box office of this schedule are:

  1. "Beyond" 89.01 million

  2. "Bed Rabbit 2: Escape Plan" 71.351 million

  3. "Once Upon a Time in the Tropics" 52.22 million

  "Beyond" is a feature film directed by Han Bowen, starring Zheng Kai, Li Yunrui, Cao Bingkun, Zhang Lanxin, Zhang Rongrong, and special starring Li Chen and Jin Jing.

The film tells the story of the award-winning "hundred-meter flying man" Hao Chaochao, who fell into a trough after experiencing life transformation. He was awakened by his bloody memories after reuniting with his former close friends, and he revived and achieved self-transcendence.

  "Bidder Rabbit 2: Escape Project" is an adventure comedy cartoon jointly produced by Sony Columbia Pictures and Sony Animation.

"Tropical Past" is a crime drama film produced by Ning Hao and directed by Wen Shipei, starring Peng Yuyan, Zhang Aijia, and Wang Yanhui, with Zhang Yu friendly and starring Jiang Peiyao, Lu Xin, Chen Yongzhong, and Deng Fei.

  There were 16 movies released this time in the Dragon Boat Festival, and the number of movies released broke the historical record of the Dragon Boat Festival, but the box office performance was poor.

Rongdi Zhang, an industry analyst at the Lighthouse Research Institute, told The Paper ( “Although the number of Dragon Boat Festival shows this year breaks a historical record, there is a lack of imported visual effects blockbusters from previous years, and the overall market is relatively cold at the pre-sale stage.”

  In Zhang Rongdi's view, the gathering of films does not mean that this will be a Dragon Boat Festival with an excellent box office performance.

"The relationship between the number of movies and the box office is more in line with the "28 rule" in each period, that is, 80% of the box office is brought by the top 20% of the movies, and the audience's attention is limited, so the number of movies is large. It will not bring more box office revenue to the schedule, but it still depends on the quality and performance of the head film. The main reason for the crowded schedule of the film is to want to eat the basic schedule, which will be more for larger schedules such as the Spring Festival and the summer. Applicable, of course, the competition is more intense, but for small schedules, such as the Dragon Boat Festival, if there is no leading film, its schedule effect is difficult to fully reflect."

  The Paper Journalist Jie Shuyi