Graduates are "slowly" to find employment. Will "thinking one step more" waste time?

  "Look for teammates for the postgraduate entrance examination, and ask for reliable renting." After the postgraduate exams were re-examined, "Fighting the Army" one after another posted on Weibo, "Gap (gap) for a year and prepare for the fight again. The family also supports it, saying that it is not economically necessary. worry."

  For further studies, employment, and entrepreneurship, when their peers seize the last time of the graduation season and plan their life stage after leaving the campus, they may be helpless or relaxed. Some of them have chosen to "slow down" and "slow down." "For the time being, leave "Graduation Destination" blank and empty on the items that seemed to be "required" in the past, and choose to take a break when the dream is not achieved.

The term "slow employment" has also begun to enter people's field of vision.

  So, is "slow" for the purpose of gaining momentum and temporarily seeking a buffer for reconciliation with oneself and soul, or is it a passive act of procrastinating and avoiding reality?

The reporter interviewed some teachers, students and experts.

Slow employment: the performance of diversified career choices

  "I want to go to Yunnan for a year after graduation, work part-time and travel, and start looking for a job after I go home." Liu Ying (pseudonym), who is about to graduate from a law major in a university in Shandong, plans her life after graduation.

"I feel that my first two decades have been boring. I have been taking exams from the college entrance examination to the four years of university; I started preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination in the second half of the junior year. After graduation, I started to prepare for the judicial examination during the summer vacation. Stop, I’m about to graduate and I’m going to take a civil service examination.” Liu Ying said that most of her professional examinations for civil servants do not require fresh graduates, so she wanted to “go out for a walk” first.

  In addition to temporarily "rest", leave a "small gap" for one's life journey, and realize one's own "small expectations", behind the choices of more "slow employment" students is the helplessness of the unfulfilled ideals.

  "Due to the epidemic and other factors in the last two years, students who originally planned to go abroad have not been able to go out. The proportion of graduates and postgraduate entrance exams in this major has not increased much, while the number of students entering postgraduate entrance exams in China has increased, so the competition has actually become more intense. This year there are more than 70 colleges. Among the graduates, 8 plan to "slow employment" to review and prepare for the "World War II" postgraduate entrance examination." said Li Hong (pseudonym), head of employment at the School of Life Sciences of a 985 university in East China.

  Li Hong also said that in recent years, the number of students who "slowly" waited for the opportunity to test civil servants and test teachers' qualifications has gradually increased.

She recalled the job hunting experience of Xiao Huang, a previous undergraduate graduate: “After graduation, he still did an internship with a professional teacher. Later, he took an exam for the teacher post in the middle school of his hometown. He did not decide until December of that year. He was still a fresh graduate. On the'tail', we were relieved."

  According to Wu Aihua, deputy director of the Student Department of the Ministry of Education, "slow employment" is a manifestation of the diversified outlook on career choices of college students.

"Many graduates are born in 1995 or 2000. They have more choices in life. Some choose to go to school or start a business, and some choose to work in a company. At the same time, the phenomenon of'slow employment' is also increasing."

Slow employment: There are reasons behind rational choices

  So, in terms of longer-term career development, is "slow employment" a rational choice or a disguised escape from social reality?

  "I have observed that some students apply for civil service examinations and have high requirements for their favorite positions, such as good treatment and closeness to home. In the end, even if they can be assigned to a post in a neighboring county, they are unwilling to do so. I don’t think they can have a work-for-work idea. ." Zhang Jiwei, deputy director of the Admissions and Employment Office of the Central People's University of China, told reporters.

Many experts have pointed out that a considerable number of "slow employment" students have the problem of high expectations of job hunting goals.

  "From a macro perspective, the quality of the labor force is now generally improving, and the pressure of social competition is increasing. Many college students who choose the so-called'slow employment' are actually to better enhance their labor competitiveness. Young people's employment The quality requirements of the company are greatly improved, and the quality of first employment is more important. From this perspective, “slow employment” is not about finding a job, but delaying the willingness to find employment in order to find a better job.” East China Normal University Wen Jun, a professor in the Department of Sociology, School of Social Development, analyzes Dao.

  In Wen Jun’s view, “slow employment” does not mean “lazy” but rather high demands on oneself. “From a micro level, there are some students who choose to continue their studies. I would rather wait a while to continue the exam. This reflects that young people’s expectations and positioning for self-development are becoming clearer, and their motivation for self-realization is becoming stronger. Of course, it is not ruled out that some students choose “slow” because they are lazy and not. Willing to enter the society earlier. But we found that some of the '985' or'Double First-class' college students have higher self-requirements and hope that there will be a transition period before entering the society, and it will take half a year or a year to give themselves to the state Make an adjustment."

  In addition to the students' wishes, many urban parents have better financial conditions, and subjectively allowing, tolerating, and supporting their children's "slow employment" are also very important factors.

"I know a lot of students who are temporarily not working for the postgraduate entrance examination of World War II. Their parents think that there is no financial burden at home, and they agree with the students' ideas. They are willing to create an environment for their children to re-enter the postgraduate entrance examination. In the eyes of their parents, the postgraduate entrance examination is a'higher' goal. , I thought, "My child will work hard to go to graduate school next year," he is still very pursued. I don't feel much about the gap for a year."

  Qu Wenqian, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Wuhan University and chairman of the Employment Guidance Committee of Water Conservancy and Ecological Environmental Protection Industry, said that choosing to take the postgraduate entrance examination again shows that students have a strong desire for further studies. This should be a common phenomenon in "double first-class" colleges and universities.

"The students are all excellent and have strong learning ability. They want to further their studies and improve themselves. In addition, the job market has requirements for academic qualifications, so it is understandable to choose'World War II.' Many graduates are now only children, and their families have good financial conditions. There is no pressure in life, and they are not eager to get a job. The family also supports them in preparing for the exam."

Slow employment: a coup to weigh the pros and cons

  Do you choose to continue to wait, wait and see, or "will be"?

Is it to accept the "slow" unknown or to temporarily embrace the compromise of reality?

It is about to enter June, and the graduation time is getting closer. Whether it should be "slow" has become a multiple choice question for some undecided students.

  "I think many students still follow the trend, especially for students who go to postgraduate entrance examinations and World War II entrance examinations are affected by their surrounding classmates and their homes. According to our statistics, students who actually ran without entering the examination room or taking one subject The proportion is still very high. These students should think about their own advantages and take a few more steps, otherwise they will still delay their time." Zhang Jiwei said.

  "Not all students are suitable for the'World War II', or they should carefully consider, for example, what is their purpose for the postgraduate entrance examination? Can they withstand the corresponding psychological pressure? If the entrance examination is because they do not know what they can do, or do not want to go out of the'greenhouse' If you don’t want to enter the workplace, you may have to re-examine this choice.” Qu Wenqian said, “We do not encourage employment through slow employment. We still hope that students can take the initiative to find employment. The number of college graduates is one. It is increasing year by year, and the pressure on employment is also increasing. Evasion cannot solve the problem. Only by facing up to difficulties, planning ahead, and preparing well can we better cope with it."

  "If the family and personal economic conditions permit, when there is no "ideal" career opportunity, it should be no problem to adopt the "slow employment" mode and wait for better opportunities. However, if the economic accumulation and support are insufficient, it should be reduced Expected goals, choose'second-best' or'best again'." Wang Jianmin, director of the Strategic Talent Research Center of Beijing Normal University and professor of the School of Government and Management, analyzes, "In fact, there is no difference in career choice, but my own perception is different. Starting from a basic career, understanding the grassroots level, and experiencing the difficulty of labor, it will help you to experience yourself and lay a good foundation for future career development. If you have the corresponding accumulation and support, you can use the'slow employment' time to gain more learning opportunities. Improve yourself further."

  Some experts also said that the phenomenon of "slow employment" of students has actually given new inspiration to colleges and universities in terms of system construction and employment education.

For example, the education of students’ employment values ​​should be run through the entire talent training system, and employment guidance and career planning education should be generally carried out, and guided by teacher talk guidance, home-school linkage, peer support and other measures, to provide more precise and personalized services .

  Li Hong said that for "slow employment" students, the teachers of the Department of Education will communicate with them one-on-one to understand the situation. The student group "Academic Friends Association" will also provide mutual assistance. The school will provide them with self-study rooms and open academic sharing centers. Let them have a quiet review environment when sprinting and preparing for battle, and stabilize their emotions and mentality.

"We also work with class teachers and academic affairs to evaluate students. We will do some ideological work for students who have little hope for postgraduate entrance examinations, recommend some positions for them, and mobilize alumni to internally recommend. We also recommend that students in the'WWII' stay on the same subject. Group teachers to contact, so that they can also be exposed to scientific research during preparations, instead of returning to the home completely to prepare for the exam."

  Wang Jianmin believes that the current four-year undergraduate school system regulations, traditional concepts, family and social pressures, etc., all have an impact on students' choice of "slow employment".

"If students choose'slow employment', the school should provide some support, and they can also learn from the experience of foreign universities to be more flexible in terms of the length of study. The policy allows for suspension of studies and entrepreneurship, resuming school, or studying in spare time to continue to complete their studies. ."

(Our reporter Zhou Shixiang and Yang Sa)


●Ministry of Education: Do a good job in recruiting college graduates for policy-related positions

  The Ministry of Education, in conjunction with relevant departments, further improves policies and measures, and does a good job in recruiting college graduates for policy-related positions.

  Regarding the recruitment of civil servants, the Organization Department of the Central Committee and the National Civil Service Bureau have advanced the time for the examination and recruitment by about 2 months, which will be basically completed in July.

  In terms of grassroots employment projects, national grassroots employment projects such as the "Special Post Program", "Three Supports and One Support", and "Western Program" have been launched one after another.

  With regard to the recruitment of college students, the Ministry of Education cooperated with the Ministry of National Defense Mobilization to launch the "two-year conscription" conscription reform. The first conscription has basically ended, and the second conscription registration has begun in April.

  Regarding the recruitment of state-owned enterprises, the Ministry of Education, in conjunction with the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and China Central Radio and Television, is holding the second quarter of "National Recruitment Action", which has provided a total of 589,000 jobs.

With regard to the recruitment of kindergarten teachers in primary and secondary schools, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will guide all regions to do a good job in the recruitment of teachers, which is expected to be basically completed in August.

  This year, the "24365 Smart Employment Platform" has been upgraded and launched. Together with social recruitment agencies, it has provided 14.51 million job information and 37.63 million resumes to 2021 college graduates.

Together with 15 departments including the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, they jointly organized 40 special job fairs and provided a total of 3.42 million job information.

●Shanghai: The proportion of recruiting college graduates is not less than 70% of the total recruitment

  The Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and other nine departments jointly issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Employment and Entrepreneurship for Shanghai College Graduates in 2021", which requires the expansion of the scale of grassroots employment projects for college graduates and the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship internship programs for college graduates.

In the recruitment of public institutions this year, the proportion of college graduates recruited shall not be less than 70% of the total recruitment.

●Tianjin: 45 measures to ensure the employment of college students

  Tianjin issued the "Measures for Further Doing a Good Job in the Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Graduates in the New Era", which will promote the employment of college graduates by developing job positions, increasing recruitment efforts, and giving employment subsidies.

The "Several Measures" includes three parts and 45 measures. By promoting employment in key and emerging fields, strengthening vocational skills training, supporting key entrepreneurial projects for college graduates, and providing policy-oriented positions for college graduates to the greatest extent possible.

At the same time, we will combine "focus on the present" with "focus on the future", comprehensively strengthen the employment outlook education, steadily promote entrepreneurship to drive employment, effectively deepen employment services, and establish a comprehensive long-term mechanism for promoting the employment of college graduates.

●Fujian: Support the flexible employment of college graduates

  Recently, the Fujian Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Employment and Entrepreneurship for Graduates of General Colleges and Universities in 2021."

In 2021, there will be about 255,000 college graduates in Fujian Province. It is necessary to ensure the overall stability of the employment situation of college graduates, implement policy support such as tax incentives and social security subsidies, and support new business models and models such as online education, cultural creativity, and new media operations. Develop and support diversified employment such as micro-shop merchants and live webcasts.

●Xinjiang: Implementing the "Top Leader" Project in Employment Work

  In 2021, there are about 97,000 graduates from 42 colleges and universities in Xinjiang, an increase of nearly 10% over last year, and the increase and rate of increase hit a record high.

In order to make every effort to do a good job in the employment of college graduates under the normalized epidemic prevention and control, so that college graduates can find jobs and get a good job early, Xinjiang plans early, proactively attacked, and formulated plans to expand employment channels for graduates.

(Compiled by our reporter Jin Haotian)