Regarding the state of emergency that will expire on June 20, Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture will designate almost the entire area of ​​the prefecture as the target area if it shifts to "priority measures such as spread prevention", and will continue to be strong in preventing infection. He expressed the idea that measures need to be taken.

On the 16th, the prefecture will hold a meeting of the countermeasures headquarters to decide the basic policy for the future.

With the deadline for declaring a state of emergency to Osaka and other areas approaching June 20, the government said that it would be necessary to gradually ease the measures when canceling the situation, and in some areas, it will take "priority measures such as prevention of spread". We are considering the transition, including the transition.

In connection with this, Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture said on the 15th about what to do when priority measures are applied to reporters, "Osaka has a lot of cities in a small area, so I would like to specify it in a wide range. I am thinking in almost the entire area of ​​the prefecture. "

Regarding the period of measures, he said, "It takes about 3 weeks to 1 month. I think that a short period is not enough." It is necessary to continue to take strong measures to prevent infection for a certain period of time. I showed the idea that there is.

On that basis, Governor Yoshimura said that he would like to align with Hyogo and Kyoto prefectures on the application of priority measures, and on the 16th, after discussions with the governors of the three prefectures, held a meeting of the prefectural countermeasures headquarters and decided the basic policy for the future. I showed my thoughts.

With a view to shifting to "priority measures such as prevention of spread," Osaka Prefecture has a policy of urgently considering specific measures after June 21, such as handling requests for leave of absence to restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages.