D-7 before the start of summer (and the music festival).

Difficult to ignore with the warm temperatures and the sun that has filled the sky in recent days.

Moreover, some have already given themselves festive weekends, sometimes according to health rules.

For others, it's time to prepare for their festival exodus and take advantage of long-awaited holidays.

France, a destination that was once unloved, has reopened its borders.

And the French are now welcomed by their European neighbors, can stay in the West Indies thanks to the lifting of compelling reasons and even afford a road trip in South America.

Travel invitations that some people want to take advantage of.

Equipped with a PCR test or vaccinated to show white paws.

Vaccinated, tested… Where will you be staying this summer?

Will you be traveling alone, with family or friends?

How do you plan to enjoy your vacation despite the health measures in force?

Are you going to stay in France (France or overseas) or go abroad?

Have you ever learned about the constraints?

Tell us in the form below.

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Summer holidays: Many French people want to leave… and many have not yet booked


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