Euro: successful entry into contention of the greats of Europe

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Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku, who scored twice during the Euro group match against Russia, in Saint Petersburg, June 12, 2021 Kirill KUDRYAVTSEV POOL / AFP

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In the summary of radio foot this Monday: Euro 2020.


The highlights of the weekend, Italy, Belgium, England, the Netherlands, successful entries for the greats of Europe!

The attackers honor Lukaku.

While waiting for the Blues:

  Tuesday Germany / France, The supporters finally in the stadiums.

Kylian Mbappé, the highlights of the press conference of the strongman of the Blues.

Africa Foot:

Sadio Mané pushes a rant!

While the Lions striker handed over the keys to a brand new hospital funded by his care to the authorities, he had a few days earlier on the occasion of a friendly in Thiès (Senegal / Zambia) - interrupted more than 30 minutes following a power failure, expresses his dissatisfaction with the lack of maintenance of the stadium.

Back to a controversy!


the Fennecs in the history of African football!

Winner of Tunisia (0-2), in a friendly last Friday, Djamel Belmadi's players broke the unbeaten record for an African nation with 27 consecutive games without defeat.

Focus on a sacred series, full of promise?

To discuss it around Annie Gasnier, our consultants of the day: Salim Baungally, Chérif Ghemmour and Hervé Penot, David Fintzel, Laurent Salerno.


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