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    , fiction in two parts is broadcast this Monday, from 9:05 pm on M6.

  • This TV movie features a couple and their son having to deal with different forms of cyberstalking.

  • “When I read the screenplay, I really wanted to go into this paranoid delirium,” says Claire Keim, who plays one of the main roles.

Isabelle and Eric celebrate their engagement without worrying about a meal with friends. But the following days, they will be far from being at the wedding. Between the intimate images revealed to their loved ones, the threatening messages, the hijacking of identity and the cameras of computers hacked to film them without their knowledge, the couple and his son Hugo will live a real nightmare.


, a two-part fiction broadcast this Monday at 9:05 pm on M6 does not go with the back of the spoon when it comes to bringing an ordeal to its heroes.

The more low blows and twists follow one another, the less credible the plot seems.

“What we are saying is totally true.

A smartphone placed on a table, even when turned off, is a microphone and a camera open to the world.

Someone can have access to your phone or your computer without you realizing it, ”assures producer Julien Duwolf, specifying all the same that certain hacking techniques require hacker skills not within everyone's reach.

"I became aware of my vulnerability to possible attacks"


is more of a B-series thriller, generous in reversals of situations and of which we want to know the outcome despite the improbabilities, than a preventive television film on the risks of the technologies which surround us.

However, at the end of the credits, the public should look at their cell phones with a different eye.

Our cyberbullying file

“I had a form of recklessness, confides Claire Keim, who plays Isabelle.

When I read the script, I really wanted to go into this paranoid delirium, and in doing so, I realized the extent of my vulnerability to possible attacks.

Since the shooting, the actress says she has upgraded, advised by one of her

white hat


, as ethical hackers are called.

For her, the message got through… While the virtual press conference was being held by Zoom, she revealed that she was not a fan of this app: “It's a monstrous snitch!

As soon as it's finished, I delete it!



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