Benin: opening of the John Smith International Cultural Meeting Center

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The Ouidah international cultural meeting center will be inaugurated on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. © Pascal Paradou

By: Pascal Paradou

31 min

Special program on the occasion of the opening of the First Cultural International Meeting Center of Sub-Saharan Africa, CCRI John Smith, in Ouidah, a city located 40 km west of the capital of Cotonou


A place financed by the Beninese authorities which brings together a green theater, a media library, rehearsal studios and places of residences for artists and financed by the

International Association of French-speaking Mayors


With Marie-Agnès Sevestre, president of the Cultural Center and former director of


in Limousin, Janvier Nougloi, director of the

CCRI (Center Culturel de Rencontre International)

in Ouidah, and

Jérôme Tossavi,

Beninese playwright. 

With the support of

ACCR Europe

From left to right: Janvier Nougloi, Marie-Agnès Sevestre and Jérôme Tossavi © Guillaume Ploquin / RFI


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