Due to the availability of reservations at the large-scale inoculation center for the new coronavirus vaccine set up by the government, the Ministry of Defense has significantly reduced the target age of 65 and over, from 17th to 18 to 64 years old. Also decided to inoculate.

A large-scale inoculation center set up by the government is inoculating elderly people aged 65 and over, but there are many vacancies in the reservation frame until June 27, and the Ministry of Defense called In addition to accepting reservations for the government, from the 14th, we started inoculating civil servants in the fields related to crisis management, such as SDF personnel and police officers, at the venue in Tokyo.

However, as of the evening of the 14th, there are about 130,000 vacant reservation slots in both Tokyo and Osaka, so the Ministry of Defense has significantly increased the target age so as not to waste the inoculation capacity. From the 17th, we have decided to inoculate people aged 18 to 64.

As with today's elderly people, it is a condition that they are nationwide and have an inoculation ticket sent by the local government.

However, since the target age of the Moderna vaccine used at large-scale inoculation centers is 18 years or older, those under the age of 18 are not eligible even if they have an inoculation ticket.

The Ministry of Defense will hold a meeting of the response headquarters on the 15th to formally decide to reduce the target age.