For Kate Winslet, Hollywood has really taken a turn when it comes to women.

For the actress, who returns with the

Mare of Easttown series

in which she plays a detective character, this change is papable on many levels.

“Things are changing in terms of equal pay,” she told BBC Radio 4, adding that women in her age group were being offered more and more “great roles”.

"I feel proud as a woman in her 40s in the film industry who has worked there since she was 17 that I have been given the space to embrace all the changes that life has left on my face and body. », She continued, returning at length to the way in which the director Craig Zobel had made a point of putting her at ease for the sex scenes in the series by leaving him a margin of decision.

A change of look

“It was the thing to do and I don't remember it happening when I was younger.

It just shows that things are changing a bit.

People pay more attention to how women feel and how they want to be represented, ”continued Kate Winslet.

And while neither the 45-year-old star's wrinkles or stomach are concealed onscreen, she hopes this shift in perspective will make other women more accepting of themselves.

“I feel good about myself.

Looks like it's being applauded now because of



of Easttown

) and the echo the show has had with audiences.

It is a rewarding moment.

I hope other women will feel that they can be more forgiving of themselves behind, ”she added.


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