China News Service, June 14 According to the website of the Hanbin District Government of Ankang City, Shaanxi, the Headquarters for Joint Prevention and Control of New Coronary Pneumonia in Hanbin District, Ankang City announced on the 14th that an imported case of new coronary pneumonia has been detected in Hanbin District, Ankang City. Asymptomatic infection.

  Zhang XX, male, 36 years old, migrant worker.

On May 23, 2021, he took flight HU440 from Russia to Nantong, Jiangsu, and was quarantined for 14 days. During the four nucleic acid tests were negative.

  The quarantine was lifted on June 7 and transferred to Nantong Railway Station by special train. Take the K62 train at 16:54 that day, and transfer (not get off) the K8176 train at Xi’an Railway Station (K62 and K8176 are the same train), June 8 Arrive at Ankang Railway Station at 18:20.

  Based on the information obtained in advance, the Hanbin District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters implemented measures such as "point-to-point" pick-up, full-process closed-loop management, and designated isolation control in accordance with the "New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Plan (Eighth Edition)" specifications.

After multiple nucleic acid tests during the period, and comprehensive research and judgment by provincial and municipal experts, they were judged to be asymptomatic patients with new coronary pneumonia on June 13.

Has been transferred to a provincial designated hospital.

  Hanbin District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Special Reminder: Those who take the K62 train from Nantong to Xi'an at 16:54 on June 7 and the K8176 train from Xi’an to Ankang at 14:30 on June 8 to get off, please take the initiative Report to the local community (village) and implement prevention and control measures.