According to a survey by the Japan Coast Guard, it is expected that at least 20% of beaches nationwide will not open this summer due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

The Japan Coast Guard warns that swimming in places where the opening has been postponed may not be monitored and may lead to accidents.

According to the Japan Coast Guard, due to the spread of the infection, the opening of beaches was postponed at 40% of the beaches nationwide last year.

When the Japan Coast Guard investigated the opening schedule of 1121 beaches nationwide this summer, it was found that more than 17% (196 places) answered that they would not open.

By region, the Tohoku region is 58.3%, the Shikoku region is 36.9%, Hokkaido is 26.8%, and the Chugoku region is 16.7%.

On the other hand, 40% of the total is undecided, and it is expected that it will be judged based on the future infection situation.

Swimming in places where the opening was postponed was not watched, and last year from July to August, four people were involved in an accident and two died.

The Japan Coast Guard is calling for avoiding the use of beaches that have not been opened.