In the video, she holds a swarm of bees with her bare hands without being harmed

A video clip of a Texas woman removing a bee colony with her bare hands without wearing gloves has spread on social media, as reported by the Times Now News.

The footage shows Erica Thompson carrying a beehive from under a sun canopy to return it to the wooden house inhabited by bees with her bare hands, unharmed.

Thompson published the clip, which garnered 18.5 million views on "Tik Tok" so far, to document how she was called to remove a swarm of bees from an outdoor umbrella, which she did without taking any precaution and caution in order to provide safety from bee stings, as is customary. , by wearing a special safety suit in the beehives, because it is known to everyone that just approaching the hive may kill the owner of the idea, so all workers in this field wear the famous white suit to deal with beehives, and any action otherwise is considered reckless even if The person had a great deal of experience in dealing with bees.

Thompson collected the bees and carried them into a hive, and what may have helped her transport the bees unharmed is the absence of a queen bee in this swarm, as she said that she spent time looking for the queen .. but she did not see her among the hive, and that when the bees are in swarms like This means that they are looking for a new place to live,” she explained, explaining that the reason she is not afraid of bees, is that bees tend to be very docile because they do not have any resources to defend, they do not have a hive, food or young bees to protect them.

The beekeeper was criticized by bee experts, who considered that she was risking her life for not adhering to safety procedures.