[Explanation] Recently, a short video of a policeman in Xinjiang, China who gave up their lives to save sheep in turbulent waters has been widely circulated on the Internet.

In the video, a policeman stood in the canal and grabbed the sheep that fell into the canal with both hands. The turbulent water caused the policeman’s body to lose balance many times. After everyone worked together, the local people finally rescued the sheep that fell into the canal ashore. Afterwards, the police discovered that his knees and various parts of his body were injured in multiple collisions with hard rocks in the canal.

After this video was disseminated on the Internet, it was reposted and liked by many netizens.

  On June 12, the reporter saw the policeman Turxun Ali, who was brave to rescue the sheep in the water, on June 12th. He took up the post of the police station in Postantierke Township, Wuqia County, Xinjiang. Looking back on the scene of the sheep rescue, he said,

  [Concurrent period] Tuerxun Ali, a policeman from the police station of Bostantieleke Township, Wuqia County, Xinjiang

  At that time, I didn't think much, just thinking about the sheep, (saving the sheep), we felt that we could (saving the sheep), and then we jumped off, we were not afraid at all.

  [Contemporary] Rural residents of Bostantierek

  I want to go home and find a rope to rescue the sheep. The sheep have been rescued by the police. After the police rescued the sheep, I saw that they were all injured. I felt very uncomfortable. Thank you very much to the police. The sheep is fine if you don’t save it. it is good.

  [Explanation] As the video continues to spread on the Internet, many netizens have praised the people's police.

Some netizens left a message saying, pay attention to safety, your safety is more important than sheep.

  [Explanation] Tursun Ali, who has five years of work experience, in addition to daily patrol work, he often goes to people's homes to do farm work with his colleagues.

  [Contemporary] Rural residents of Bostantierek

  Our police do practical things for the common people and will solve our difficulties at any time.

  [Explanation] Not long ago, the same rescue incident happened, which also touched many netizens.

In mid-May, the waters of the Toshigan River in Ushi County, Xinjiang rose sharply. When herders were stocking their horses, they were suddenly trapped in the river due to the incident. Policemen from the local police station Zhang Xiangxiang and Nuri Maimati jumped into the flood twice after learning of the situation. In the final success, the trapped horse was rescued.

  [Explanation] People's police are for the people. Whether it is Zhang Xiangxiang and Nurimaimat who rescued horses or Tursun Ali who rescued sheep, they are all practicing the duties and missions of the police with practical actions.

  Li Mingfei, Tang Mingyi reports from Aksuwuqia County, Xinjiang

Editor in charge: [Ye Pan]